Monday, March 16, 2009

C.J. and Jesse went to Cocoa Beach to see the Shuttle Launch

Here is C.J. and his girlfriend Jesse at Cocoa Beach, they went early just to hang out before the launch!!! What a perfect beach day!!!!
Space Shuttle Discovery blasts off at 7:43 p.m. with a crew of 7 astronauts.

Discovery rose just as the sun was setting, an especially spectacular site and one of the most beautiful launches said Kennedy Space Center controllers. The launch plume glowed pink, peach and golden, it sped away like a brilliant star.
I'm so jealous, I have gone to Kennedy Space Center twice, specifically to see a launch and both times due to weather issues, the launch has been scrubbed. One time Stacie and I decided to drive over to Kennedy Space Center and she got a speeding ticket!!! We had just gotten off the toll road and the speed changed and we didn't notice that and the cop was waiting for those speeding tourists!!!!Congratulations C.J. and Jesse for witnessing one of the most Awesome Space Adventures!!!! Any one who wants to witness a Space launch better hurry, in a few years they will stop this program, because the International Space Station will have completed it's mission.

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The Gibbs said...

WOW... good for them!!! I bet they had a blast. They look really happy together.