Friday, April 3, 2009

MY 12 HOUR DAY!!!!

I left home this morning at 9:30 a.m. headed for Paradise Bakery and their scrumptious Steel cut oatmeal, it is served in a Raisin cookie bowl served with strawberries and bananas. From there I had an appointment with Monica the Manager at my Wells Fargo Bank. I was finally getting MY money out of AIG and into a IRA at Wells Fargo, finally I can breathe a sigh of relief!!!As I stated in an older blog, AIG is not taking my $$$$.After spending about an hour there,I had a few other banking things to do as well, I was in the car again. This time I was headed to the Phoenix Flower shop in downtown Chandler. They now do home deliveries from that location. Because Sandy the Manager at the Tempe location knows we always do the Chandler zip codes and the Gilbert zip codes, she decided that maybe I want to deliver flowers everyday!!!! So I met the new Manager Boyd and he asked me how many days a week I want to work, I told him not that many!!!! I already have a job!!!!!! So we decided to be on a call per day basis!!!! I do not mind delivering flowers with C.J., after all I love being in the car with him for 4-6 hours and hanging out with my precious son!!!!After that little meeting, I had an appointment with our accountant, oh my tax preparation day!!!!!Well the last few years have been really good and you never know when things are going to end, so I went in with a positive attitude and again UNCLE SAM was very good to us!!!!!!So I met up with Corie and Camdyn at the Mall for a little recession therapy!!!!! First stop the Coach store!!! I have not bought a new handbag in several years, so Corie and I both got one, thanks to Uncle Sam!!!!!
While shopping in the Coach store, Corie hears this "Corie is that you"??? She looks up and sees one of Will's fraternity brothers approaching her, she greets him with a big hug and proceeds to introduce me to "Wheels" remember all of Will's friends have nicknames!!! He then introduces his wife Kelli and baby son Caden to us. Camdyn and Caden became fast friends!!!! So long story short, they have just moved out here to Gilbert and they make plans to meet up for dinner and so on. We all go on our merry way. After about 2 hours , we shopped some more!!!! We decide to head over to the food court for some lunch. While ordering food, I look over at a table and see Wheels, his wife and baby and a lady, I did a double take and I said to myself "NO WAY"!!!!!
I walk over and I say to TINA WILKENSON, no way can this be your daughter!!! She says yep!!! I give her a big hug, she is one of MY FRIENDS from high school, whom I haven't seen in ages!!!!!! We spent an hour catching up. She now lives in Gilbert as well. She and her Daughter and Son-in-law just moved out of the High rise at the Scottsdale waterfront!!! You know the locale, right by Scottsdale Fashion Square!!!!! She said she was sick of the whole Scottsdale scene!!!WHAT A SMALL WORLD!!!!!!

From the Mall we headed over to Sugarlips bakery to order Camdyn's cupcakes for her Big 1st Birthday bash!!!! A cupcake by any other name is still a Cupcake!!!!!We had a carrot cake cupcake!!! YUM-YUM!!!!
Camdyn wanted a bite!!!!! From there we had a few more errands to do, then we were starving again!!!!So we stopped at Garcia's for dinner and I arrived home exactly 12 hours after leaving home!!!! Exhausted for sure!!!!!


CorieConnelly said...

WOW! You did have a busy day!:) Glad mine wasn't 12 hours....I would have needed a few naps! Haha! Thanks for the purse (well to you and Uncle Sam)! I LOVE it and can't wait to use it! I also can't wait for us to get together with David (Wheels), Kelli, Caiden and her mom! That is so crazy and how small the world really is!

Stacie Gibbs said...

Looks and sounds like a verrrrry long and exhausting day, but super fun times I'm sure!!!

Krystal said...

So we need to see a picture of the new purse. I love purses and one of the best parts about living back east was going to NY and getting me a lot of them. Man i miss those days. How fun that you and Corie got one. You two remind me of my mom and me. We love shopping, playing with the kids, and just hanging out. That is so nice that you two live so close. Camdyn is lucky to be able to see you all the time. Lets get together at the egg hunt!

Mimi said...

It was a long and fun day!!!Stacie, I will get you a nice new purse when I get there the end of the month!!!!haha
Krystal, we look forward to hunting eggs with your family, and hopefully your Mom and sister will be there too!!!!I'm so lucky to have such great daughters who want to hang out with dear ole MOM!!!

Anonymous said...

oooooooo!!!! I love Coach!!! I got a pair of the Coach shoes....I love them! I'll have to post a blog about them! lol

Jule's Spot said...

Where is the Easter Bunny pics...I thought you were going to see him???

Mimi said...

When ever Corie and I are doing the same things, we talk and decide who is blogging what, so our blogs are not the same!!!! So of course the Easter bunny belongs on her page!!!!!
It is cute though!!!!
She would smile and clap for the bunny from a distance, up close, she was ok, no tears but not thrilled!!!!