Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the start of Holy week. The Bible reveals to us that when Jesus entered Jerusalem the crowds greeted him with waving palm branches. Immediately following this great time of celebration in the ministry of Jesus, he begins his journey to the cross. You know this story, it's a story of palms and praise, of followers shouts and pharisee's doubts. I want to honor Jesus Christ my Savior not just this holy week but at all times, in all circumstances and with all my best always.
Family gathering for lunch at Margaritaville, some were missing because of sickness and one ran off to do some shopping!!!!
Here is Dad and Diane, as I sat behind them at church this morning, it brought tears to my eyes as I sat watching Dad Praise God with his arms uplifted rejoicing in the many blessings he has received. It is such a gift from God that Dad is still here with us, after his many surgeries. Dad gave his heart to him and asked him if he could live a long full life and he would serve him til he died. So we are so grateful to have him with us. Diane looks so pretty in her shirt that just screams, IT'S SPRING!!!!!

John and Mary holding Rachelle's new baby boy Landon and big sis Telsea looking on.
Robbin and Kathy(she's the one that ran off to shop!!!)
ME!!!! My camera was acting weird, so Corie took a photo of me to see if she could see what it was doing, so maybe she could fix it. It's still doing that weird thing?????


CorieConnelly said...

Had a fun day with you guys! Too bad Will missed out on a family day!

Stacie Gibbs said...

Margaritaville! NO FAIR!! Hope you guys had a fun day!!

EricaT said...

I can't get over how much baby Landon looks just like Justin!!

Mimi said...

Yes, Landon looks exactly like his Daddy!!!! Almost clone like!!! haha
He is a sweetie. and big sis Telsea just loves her new brother!!!
Did you get my message about your mission trip???