Saturday, May 16, 2009

Celebrating with Will and Corie!!!!

Daddy and Mommy had a night away at the beautiful J.W. Marriott Resort to celebrate their 5th wedding Anniversary, so Mimi, C.J., Jesse and Camdyn went down to hang out in the fun pool on Saturday with Mommy and Daddy!!!
Mommy and Camdyn poolside.
The cute family in the pool!!Camdyn pointing at some kids again!!!
C.J. and Jesse having a snack and a cool drink!!!
1-2-3- JuMp!!!!!!!!!I cannot believe she did it!!!!
That's so fun MoMMy!!!!!
So cute in her new bathing suit, Mimi got this for her in Hawaii!!!!
Uncle C.J. playing with his little Princess niece!!!!!Camdyn loves the water!!!!
Teaching her how to swim too!!!
On our way out of the resort, we noticed all these bunnies and lots of baby bunnies, so we thought we'd let Camdyn crawl after them, as soon as we put her down, SHE took off after them, lots of people stopped and stared and laughed at how cute she was crawling after them. The bunnies were not scared of her at all!!!!
Camdyn looking around thinking,"I have never seen so many bunnies in all my life"!!!!!
They were everywhere!!!!!


CorieConnelly said...

That was SUCH a fun day! So fun now that Camdyn will fall (I cant say "jump" since she didnt do it from standing, haha!!) into the pool on "3"!:) We had a blast at our "stay-cation"! Thanks mom for watching her for us and meeting us to hang out Saturday! We cant wait for more fun next weekend!

Jule's Spot said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful anniversary! Looks like a beautiful place!
Love ya

Gigi (aka) Chris said...

love the picture with all the bunnies.... looked like a fun day!!