Friday, May 15, 2009

Peach Festival at Schnepf Farms

We got to the Peach festival 2 hours late!!!! It ends at 4 p.m., luckily for us the restaurant and store stay open late!!!!So we had some peach pie a-la-mode!!!! Then Carrie Schnepf the owner walked in and gave us a free peach to sample!!!! Oh my goodness, they were so good and sweet and juicy!!!!So we bought some along with a peach pie to take home and enjoy!!!!
Camdyn picking out our peaches to take home!!!!
C.j. and Jesse posing by the pond.
Mimi and Camdyn looking at the waterfall and the beautiful pond.
Uncle C.J. showing Camdyn the fish in the pond.
Mimi gave Camdyn a Peach to eat!!!We will go back on Sunday to pick our own peaches fresh from the orchard!!! Larry King and his wife own a peach tree on the farm. You can own your own tree at the farm and go back and pick your own fruit every year!!!!


Jason and Lisa said...

MMmmmmm...That looks yummy. The picture with Camdyn picking out the peaches is so cute. Are you watching her the whole weekend while Corie and Will celebrate thier anniversary.

Mimi said...

They are so yummy, so fresh!!! They even have that fuzzy stuff on them still!!!!
No, just 1 night,we are meeting them at the resort at noon!! Camdyn slept so well, I couldn't get her to drink alot of milk out of her sippy cup so I decided to just make her some outmeal cereal out of it. She went to bed at 9:30 and slept til 7:45!!!!
I slept in the bed in the nursery, I have a sound monitor not a video one, so I wanted to be closer then our room!!!!She slept great!!!!I was a little nervous about her being away from Mommy at bedtime!!!
So if you want to plan a week-end getaway, Ryder will be ok too!!!haha