Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 2-Saturday May 9th

Starting our day out at the famous Cafe du Monde, everyone knows New Orleans is famous for their beignets, it's like a donut. Very good with all that powered sugar!!!!
I love them, so I bought a box of mix to try making them at home!!Sorry Corie, I could not bring you one home, after 3 days in the car you would have hated it!!!!
Jackson Square, this is where alot of things happen in New Orleans. First of all this is St. Louis Cathedral, a beautiful basilica. It is the oldest continuously operating cathedral in the United States. Built here in 1789 after 2 previous cathedrals were destroyed on this property. Located next to Jackson square and facing the Mississippi river. Pope John Paul the second visited here in September 1987. Also located in Jackson square are the Cabildo and the Presbytere. The Cabildo was the seat of colonial Government in New Orleans and now a museum. The Presbytere originally called the Casa Curial housed the monks and clergy to the Cathedral. It now is also a museum. Here is also where alot of horse drawn buggy tours begin.Grandpa Gibbs, Diane, C.J. and Jesse standing in front of Jackson square!!!
One of the most photographed buildings in New Orleans is located on one of the corners of Jackson square. At night, you can always find a group of people on the balcony waiting to drop those infamous beads down to willing flashers!!!!!
One of the St. Charles Line street cars!!!!
Here we all are, taking a ride down St. Charles Avenue, headed to the Garden district of the city.
First stop, the Belfort Mansion. For those of you who watch Real World on MTV, this was the home they lived in while filming in New Orleans. It is in the heart of the Garden district and right on St. Charles Avenue.
One of the beautiful homes in the Garden district. Most of the homes built here all have ornate iron work for their balconies as well as their fences.
Here is the home of Ann Rice, the famous author of all those vampire books!!! 1239 1st street!!!!It is currently up for sale, probably got tired of all the tourists hanging out in front of her place!!!!
Making another movie in New Orleans!!!! They would not tell us the name, just that Josh Brolin is starring in it.
Visiting the Graveyard, a favorite tourist attraction!!!! With all the ghostly stories they tell you in this city,I would not go there at night!!!!These crypts or tombs can handle as many people in them as you want to put in. You are buried in a casket made of dissolving particle board, put in the top portion and in time the casket dissolves and your bones fall through to the bottom compartment.
C.J. and Jesse checking the place out!!!! Very scary!!!!!
A brave tourist climbed in to show all of us how it works!!!! NO way would I do that!!!!!This is also the location used in the movie Double Jeopardy starring Ashley Judd. Remember that scene where she is buried in one of these alive????
We decided to take a horse-mule drawn buggy ride through the French Quarter!!!!
Our guide had a very lovely New Awlens accent!!!!!
top half of the French quarter home of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!!!
Bottom portion. When they are home, there is 2 cars of security guards on duty outside!!!They enter through the garage, the set of doors to the far right. The other two doors lead into the home and courtyard, quite large, our guide said. The home was bought for 5. 3 million dollars!!!!!
Home of Nicholas Cage, just down the street from Brad and Angie's place!!!!

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