Sunday, May 3, 2009

More favorite's from Magic Kingdom!!!

Cinderella meeting Princess Camdyn, isn't she darling in her little Cinderella dress???
Meeting Princess Belle!!!(I love this Movie!!!)

Belle at storytime!!!!

Riding the Carousel!!!!

Our little Ting Ting riding on Peter Pan's flight!!! A very fun ride!!!

Taking a whirl on the Tea-Cups!!! Always a favorite!!!!Remember the Tea Party Baby shower??

It's a Small World, just like her Mommy and Auntie Stacie, Camdyn LOVED this ride. I remember bringing Mommy and Stacie to Disneyland at this young age, and they would NOT
want to get off of this ride, sometimes we would ride it over and over again!!!!

The German dolls singing "It's A Small World after all, it's a small world after all", you get off this ride and you are still singing it for awhile!!!!

The signs say it all, time to say good-bye to Magic Kingdom!!!!

After all the times we have been here, we have never gotten to ride up in the Front of the Monorail, well we can Never say Never again!!! Tonight was our lucky night!!!!

It is an awesome view from the front!!!!
I have so many favorite Moments from this trip, but what I will remember the most and always be my favorite for this trip was seeing all of it through Camdyn's eyes, even though she is so young, she loved everything about it and to witness her excitement is something I will cherish forever. She would just gasp open mouthed at so many things, some just simple things we all take for granted, like a balloon, a shape of Mickey Mouse or fireworks, all though I get pretty worked up over the fireworks at Magic Kingdom!!!A very fun day indeed!!!


Gigi (aka) Chris said...

looks like another fun day.... love, love all the pictures with the Princesses!!!!

Jule's Spot said...

Looks like you are having a fun trip...wish I was there!
Love you all!

Mimi said...

It has been a very fun trip!!!
I wish everyone could experience the parks the way we get to enjoy them. It is such a Blessing having Stacie work for such a fun place, cause as everyone knows WE Love Disney!!!
We would never buy all the things we buy at Disney nor Dine at these Great places without Stacie's great employee Discount!!I almost felt embarrassed changing Camdyn into so many costumes, especially if little girls could see us changing her. We are very lucky. Her yearly specials that allow her 50% off at 2 Disney restaurants is great!!!We would never spend the kind of money at Coral reef if not for some very special occasion or 50% off!!!The 20% discount is pretty good though at the "regular" restaurants!!
We are indeed having a great time, and I'm very sad that Corie and Cmdyn had to go home:(.....
I will be home in about a week!!!