Monday, May 4, 2009

Favorite's from EPCOT!!!

The flower and garden festival is going on right now, so here are a few of my favorite flowers and topiary's. I think my Most favorite display was this Cinderella coach surrounded by all the Princess's flower topiary's.

EPCOT'S iconic symbol is the Spaceship Earth Geosphere. The lake surrounding EPCOT is beautiful and is 1 1/4 mile all the way around!!!
We had lunch at Coral reef, it is the Restaurant surrounded by the aquarium. It was so amazing to sit and eat and watch the fish swim by. How many of you remember the episode of Full House when Danny proposed to Vicki at the Coral Reef restaurant??? Remember Jessy and Joey swimming in the aquarium with a sign that said "Will you marry me?"

THE LANDS!!!! Here is a sampling of the many countries you can visit here at EPCOT!!!!
I want to visit Italy so bad, so I think it is always my favorite land!!CIAO!!!!!

Bon journo!!!!Have a great day!!!!
Camdyn in her little french dress!!There are french scenes of little poodles, french cafe's, the Eiffel tower!!It was so fitting for this place!!! I bought this dress before she was even born!!!
Sitting at the Patisserie cafe, waiting for a little french snack!!!
Sitting for her Silhoutte, we had to keep her occupied while the little french girl cut it out!!!
It turned out so cute and I think even Camdyn was impressed!!!
Off to visit Morocco, this is the land where Princess Jasmine lives!!!

Good ole USA!!!! I love the show that is seen here, it is a bit of USA history!!!
England!!! I believe this is the Tower of London!!!
England famous for their beautiful gardens and of course TEA!!!!

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