Monday, May 4, 2009

My favorite's from Animal Kingdom

The iconic Tree of Life!!!! It has over 300 animals sculpted into the trunk.
Riding the roller coaster Everest. Look on the 3rd row for Stacie, we rode in the single rider line to save time!!!It starts out very fast going forward and then in reverse!!!
Corie says "that was so fun"!!!!!
Mimi-Mom and daughters and grand-daughter!!!
"Camdyn where's your new shoe"????
Mom and Stacie riding the Dino-twirl!!!Corie took Camdyn to ride the Dino-Rama ride!!!

Off on our African Safari ride!!!!
We were in a caravan of safari jeeps today!!!
We saw a Mother and baby giraffe, look at how big he is!!!
Camdyn fell asleep during our very bumpy safari ride!!! Look at that sweet face!!!


Bethanie Jones said...

The picture of Camdyn sleeping is so sweet it should be framed. She is so comfy in her mommy's arms. You can tell you guys had a great time. I hope I can get my kids there soon and see all the parks!

Jule's Spot said...

That is precious!!!!

I got my camera at Best Buy...the whole package for $800...zoom lens, filter, case. It was on sale this week. I love it, but there is sooo much to learn...I may be too dumb to figure it out! haha
have a great time!
Love ya Julie

Krystal said...

Another day of fun! You girls really know how to party! I too love that picture of Camdyn sleeping. So sweet! What a fun trip with just the girls.

Gigi (aka) Chris said...

look like a great end to a fun 4 days.... it did look a little warm in some of the pictures. YUK!! I HATE the humidity!!!!