Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Take your Mom to work day!!!

I went to work with Stacie today, if you call working at Disney's Epcot Park a "Real job"!!!!
I walked around and looked at all the beautiful flowers and topiary's again, rode a few rides, went "window shopping" and then jumped on the monorail and rode over to magic Kingdom.
I cannot believe we missed the fairy garden while Corie and Camdyn were here!!! It was so beautiful, I went through it twice!!!The butterfly pavilion was amazing as well!!! I love this sign and I bet it is true!!!
Tinkerbell greeting you as you enter her garden.
The pink fairy's name is Rosetta.
Here is the Mosaic's in the hallway that goes through Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom!!!
There are about 6 of them and they tell the story of Cinderella through the Mosaic's!!!
The beautiful iconic Castle!!!
Minnie Mouse in the Celebration Parade!!!!If you are celebrating a Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation or a Family Reunion this is the place for you to go!!!
The entrance to Epcot takes you under the big Sphere!!!
Stacie at Work!!!Isn't she so cute and professional looking!!!
The night ended with me going outside to watch the fireworks!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!
It was another LONG and walk filled day!!! I would say add another 3-5 miles to my count!!! My feet at this point are numb!!! I love hanging out with Stacie so it is worth the pain!!!


Gigi (aka) Chris said...

Stacie does look cute and professional... I'm so glad she has found a career that she loves....wish that career was closer to family though... :0(

p.s. that margarita looks YUMMY!!!

Mimi said...

I agree with you, why can't Disney build a big nice park in AZ, where the weather is perfect....well 8 months out of the year perfect!!!!
The Margarita was good and cold!!! it was so HOT and Humid yesterday, so glad it sprinkled on me last night, hopefully it will cool this place down!!!
P.S. waiting to hear about Telsea's Disney adventure!!!