Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Celebrating CINCO de MAYO!!!

Having lunch at a Mexican food restaurant called Vallarta!!! We went with Jesse, her parents and her parents best friends .
The food was really good considering I never like any Mexican Food outside of Arizona!!!!
Where better to be on 5-5 then MEXICO land at Epcot!!!!
Having a nice cold Strawberry&Lime Margarita on a very hot humid day!!!

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Bobby and Carolyn said...

I hope you are having fun! That is awesome that Stacy works for such a wonderful company. I dont know if you knew that my sister, Megan, was really good "friends" with Ariel and Alice in Wonderland for 2 years on the Disney Cruise Line. :) We went on a cruise when I was 28 weeks pregnant with Gracie. We do need to take Gracie to disney one of these days. The Disneyworld looks a lot more fun that the Disneyland.

Have a safe trip back!