Saturday, June 6, 2009

Forehead-Eye Winker-nose.........

I have been doing this little poem with Camdyn since she was 3 months old, she can point to an Airplane high in the sky or if we are in the house and I ask her "where's the airplane", she looks up and points to the sky, if I ask her to point to the moon at night, she can do that, if it's out!!!!
I ask her "where is Mimi's tree" and she points, so I could not figure out why it was not sinking in on her little body parts!!! So this past week, I spent extra time with her, knowing her 1 year check up was upon us and the Dr. might ask her "where's your eyes", so in the lobby we were practicing again and I got it on camera!!!! The Dr. said most babies cannot identify even 1 body part til somewhere between 12-18 months, so for her to know forehead, eye, nose, mouth, chin and belly button, he was quite impressed!!!!!
Mouth eater!!!!!
Baby's belly button!!!!It's under my dress!!!!
I opened my mouth wide to say "OH my goodness, you did it" and she opened her mouth and thought ---- "Yes I did"!!!!!!
Then of course we Cheered!!!!! And Clapped!!!!!
We are so proud of you Miss Camdyn and we think you are the smartest little thing!!!! Only a Mimi can boast!!!!!


Corie said...

We think she is pretty stinkin smart, too! I just LOVE her in that dress cute! She will be college-bound after kindergarten at this!:)

Krystal said...

She is so smart! Looks like dental school will be easy for her!!! ha ha I think she looks beautiful in that dress with that cute bow. Did you make that one too?