Sunday, June 14, 2009

Show us a Room Monday--Nursery

Here is the crib and fun Disney plush characters we have collected throughout the years. Most of them were from when my kids were little. The crib bedding, I know I forgot to get a close up of the bedding, was made for me by my sister Carolyn. It is burgundy, bright yellow and little polka dots!!! That is why the walls are covered in polka dots!!! All the colors on the walls are the colors in the comforter and crib flowers!!!!The Disney prints and lithographs are either from movies bought back when my kids were little or prints that our daughter Stacie has won through Walt Disney. For those of you who do not know this our daughter Stacie is a Manager for Walt Disney World. She works at the German Buffet Restaurant at EPCOT. I have gone to work with her several times and it certainly doesn't feel like work to me!!!! It's always such a fun atmosphere there.
I love this white iron bed, it was our oldest daughter's bed growing up. My sister also made the toss pillows on the bed!!!The antique side by side secretary has been a treasure of mine for almost 20 years. I found it at an antique store in Phoenix. Now it is filled with lovely Disney things for Camdyn to look at and enjoy!!!
The antique dresser was also a wonderful find at an antique store. Years ago I would spend alot of time antique shopping with a few friends and sadly I grew out of that antique phase. I do cherish the 3 pieces I own and hopefully my daughters will cherish it when I'm gone!!!I love the word BELIEVE, it has so many options to it, Believe in God, Believe in yourself and Believe all things are possible, so I always look for things with that word to sit around and remind me to always Believe!!!!Photos on the dresser are from trips to Walt Disney World or Disneyland!!!
My MIL worked at Disneyland the opening summer, that was 1955 and she was pregnant with my husband at the time!!!
Some of my Mother's Day and Birthday gifts from my daughter Stacie!!!Love Alice in Wonderland!!!!My Mother's Day gift this year from Stacie was a Mickey head stepping stone, Mickey as a yard elf(yeah yard art) and a Mickey pot to plant a flower in!!!
As a Queen, we all love the story Cinderella!!!!So here are a few Cinderella treasures!!!
My Cinderella musical snowglobe!!! Love it!!!
This is some of my Josef figurine's collection, I love this now as we call it our It's a Small World shelf!!!!
And a picture of my 2 pirates!!! Captain Charles Gibbs, from Pirates of the Caribean!!!!My 2 pirates are also named Charles Gibbs!!! So everytime we go to Disneyland we have to get their picture taken by the wall mural bearing their name!!!!!This one was taken about 3 years ago!!! I have some from more then 15 years ago!!!!

Now an explantion why I LOVE this room so much......
When our oldest daughter got pregnant the first time, we were over the moon excited. She was 11 weeks along and had a miscarriage, I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my body, they had been trying for a while and she has a few complications getting pregnant, so I was so afraid she might not ever be able to carry a baby full term. At around the same time as her miscarriage our second daughter took the Managment job in Florida. Although it was a great job and a wonderful company to work for, flying home from Florida, facing an empty bedroom was more then I could bear. I kept the door shut for a few weeks. I decided one day, I have to do something with that room. I decided baby or not, we would make that room a FUN place to go in, make it a DISNEY Room!!!! I googled how to paint polka dots for some reason and that is what ended up being the room!!! I fell off the ladder and broke my left foot in the process, but it still got finished!!!! For several months, I found real peace laying on that bed just staring at the polka dots, it always made me feel HAPPY!!!! Two months later Corie was pregnant again and carried our little Princess full term!!!!!God Has a plan for everything!!!!!


Corie said...

LOVE this room and how bright it is. Camdyn even LOVES "the happy room" and goes crazy when we say we are going to "the happy room"! She will LOVE knowing this room is filled with LOTS of fun Disney stuff both old and new....:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie, I love your disney room!! I had a cinderella cake for our wedding with a slipper and glass pumpkin and horse and a castle at the top. I too had problems with getting pregnant, I was not able too but my life was filled with children and their laughing and tears and ouchies and hugs, I was a babysitter. One of the ladies I sat for told me "your my childrens 2nd mommy since I sat for them all day, that made me feel so proud. Each one of them is grown and doing well and it makes me smile to know I had a little part to play in that. Your right, God has a plan for all of us and I'm lucky to have been able to be the best sitter I could be and to have known each one of them. Sometimes life doesn't go the way you think it should but there is a reason for everything. I think that is why I collect dolls because that way I can have as many"children" as I want....LOL!
I'll put pictures up of my victorian room again soon, I think I might have some up in my older posts.... Anyway, you have a nice week! hugs, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you the best part, I'm an auntie of two of the best nieces on earth....I spend too much on them but I love it and I love hearing, "Auntie Jenny, can I..." of course you can!...: ) have a super day! hugs, Jennifer

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Thank you for sharing all the Magic of this room...and the story that went with it. I LOVE the polka-dots too. So cheerful.
About my crown, I got the big white one from this web address: Then click on "Garden". It came only in "rust" finish, so I painted it with Gesso. I loved the end result.
I also just ordered a sweet crown from Pink Funny Farm...great price too: Then, click on Chic Decor.
I found these crowns originally by Google-ing Metal Crowns, I believe. Or Metal Garden Crowns. Good luck on your search.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jamie, I sure know the feeling. I still miss my 6 after all these years. Of course, something would be wrong if they came back home. So I guess I will be thankful they are doing just what they should be doing at this time in their lives. Blessings

Deanna said...

What a sweet place to look at pokadots and relax.
A special place to enjoy.

Rachelle said...

I love that room it's one of my favorites:) I love bright colors so there would be no doubt me loving that room!! Love you

The Shero's said...

I LOVE all the Disney in this room! What a great room to go in just to relax. It is one that would definetly make you smile. After posting my room for today, then seeing yours and reading Corie's entry from yesterday, I thought it was funny how we all did the nursery. Great minds think alike! Have a blessed week!

Stacie Gibbs said...

I really like what you have done with the room, although it did break your foot in the process, the end result was well worth it! Well done with such a beautiful room, your so creative moom!!

Bethanie Jones said...

I love this room. thanks for letting us stay in it when we came to visit. the twins loved looking at the polka dots. You changed around some of the furniture from when we were there. I love the antiques. You are a great decorater. I now have the itch to decorate more of my house since visiting you. :-)

Gigi (aka) Chris said...

Love the poke-a-dots!!!! I'm sure Camdyn doesn't have a problem going to take a nap in this fun room or maybe she does... since there is so much GREAT stuff for her to look at!!! FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!