Monday, June 15, 2009

WOW!!! What a fun day!!!!

This active adult community, I could see us retiring in!!! Awesome golf course, tennis courts, 2 fabulous swimming pools and a clubhouse that rivaled any 5 star resort lobby!!!
Did I mention the restaurant, the lounge areas surrounded by firepits and the Lakes????
So Beautiful!!! Makes turning 55 look glamorous!!!
After a very delicious breakfast at Mimi's cafe, nope not my kitchen, I mean the restaurant our son-in-law helps Manage!!We headed downtown to the Arizona Science Center.
They have a new exhibit going on now for the summer called the Castle Adventure!!!!!And for us Kings, Queens, Prince's and Princesses, we could not resist the opportunity to go!!!
Grand-dude being silly(trying to pick the Knight's nose) Mimi and Camdyn!!! Mimi wants to hold that sword!!!!If you notice everything is built out of LEGOS!!!!!!!
King of the Castle(our castle) and his darling granddaughter Princess Camdyn!!!
Sitting on the throne!!!
My knight in shining armor!!!!
I want those crown jewels!!!!
King and Queen crowns!!!
Who does live in a castle?????Royal people of course, but hey we can all pretend can't we!!!!
After all we have our Heavenly Father and he is King of all Kings and that makes us Royalty!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie, Thank you for leaving me such a sweet note. I'm so glad I met you, I can tell you and your family are very kind hearted and special people... The world needs more just like you. :-) How much fun was that castle adventure! my nieces would have liked to see that especially my youngest, she is into all the princess and crowns & pretty pink stuff..I'm a thinkin I rubbed off on her!!LOL! You have a super week! hugs, Jennifer

MiMi said...

Hi Mimi! Thank you for stopping by my blog! You're right, I'm not old enough to be a real Mimi yet, and I'm such a dork, I didn't know that Mimi was French for when I named my blog and then used MiMi, I didn't know what I was doing! That's nothing new though.
Anyway, I went by MiMi when I first started out because that is what my neice (who's 2) calls me. My name is Macey, and it turned into maymay which turned into mimi.
You don't look old enough to be a Mimi either, though! What part of AZ are you from? We have family in Tuscon and also Sierra Vista.
You can reply to my comment and it will go directly to e-mail if you want!: )

Deanna said...

What a fun time you must have had!
I think we all would have liked this adventure.

Thanx for visiting my blog. Marion, Kansas is about an hours drive from Wichita. The day we took notice of the Historic Elgin Hotel was last Thanksgiving and it was chilly out.

Today in Kansas was hot. Getting geared for hot summer weather and tonite we're having terrible weather, run to the basement type.

God bless you,

Gigi (aka) Chris said...

looked like a fun day.... Chuck is a goof ball!!!!

Anonymous said...

How fit for a royal family. I have tagged you to play "6 uninteresting things that make me happy." if you would like to. Go to my blog 6/16/09 for directions. Blessings

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Okay, I came back over to tell you that I'm working on a modified version of the Americana Banner. I only had enough supplies to make two of those in my post. So, I soon as I get it made up, I'll put it in my shop, after letting you know first. Like I said, it will be a little tweaked, but very similar.
Email me at and I'll give you a heads up just before posting it. If you decide not to purchase it, no problem...I'll just keep it in the shop. Thanks so much for your interest. : )

Jule's Spot said...

I love the Lego exhibits...just like Disney!
Camdyn looks like a doll!
Love ya