Thursday, July 9, 2009

5 Glorious DAYS!!!!!!!!

The cabin was on the corner of these two streets, the street names are a perfect description of where we were!!!!
The view from the front.It has a wrap around wooden porch on 2 sides, makes for a perfect place to sit and enjoy the scenery.And not to mention the perfect weather, around 80 in the day and 50 at night, perfect sleeping weather (the windows were open)
Side and back view, here is also the big fire pit!!!!
Does this look like a cabin????All the amenities of home. I need to tell you a little history of this cabin. My in-laws owned this cabin for about 10 years, they sold it due to the untimely death of my MIL, it was bought and sold twice before my husband's cousin bought it, as her parents live just down the road, so it was such a pleasure to be staying there again. We have so many fun memories of this place and both our daughter and son were reminiscing about staying up there with their Grandparents when they were young.
This is what I looked at for 5 days, beautiful Arizona Pine trees, swaying in the wind!!!!
C.J. and Jesse
We decided to head up to the Arizona Snowbowl for a summer ride up the ski-lift. Just C.J. and Jesse did this as we have done this before and I did not have a jacket with me!!!The elevation at the bottom is 9,200 feet, on this day the weather was 56 degrees at the base. The top is cold and sits at 11,500 feet!!! It started raining and then hailing and the temperature dropped fast, It was 50 at the top when they left, but after the rain and hail it was probably closer to 40!!! This area gets an average of 260 inches of snow per year!!!!YES...this is in Arizona!!!!!
Have fun, snuggle because it's going to get cold!!!!!
Here's that rain and hail I mentioned!!!!
Dinner on the 4th was at ...where else Cracker Barrel!!!!
Grand-dude, Mimi and our little firecracker!!!!I want these rocking chairs!!!
Daddy, Mommy and Sweet baby girl!!!
She loved this little game and did very well at it, putting the little T in it's hole!!!!
Sunday July 5th, we headed to the Volcanic Cinder Cones area, just outside of Flagstaff. This is 13, 500 acres of Volcanic cinders and pine Forest. The famous Million dollar hill is here, named because on most week-ends you will witness dune buggies valued at well over $100,000.00 driving around and racing to the top of the hill. Camdyn could not believe how fun this was going to be!!!!

That million dollar hill was quiet today only a few people left on this long holiday week-end!!!
Corie, Jesse and Camdyn rode in the back of the Rhino today.Hang on!!!!
Will doing a wheelie!!!!
Boys will be Boys!!!!! MUD and a BOY... gotta ride through it!!!!
I cannot believe he did that!!!!Again, boys will be boys!!!!
Then we headed out to where the rest of the family were camping, since we do not own an RV, we rented the cabin!!!!!Here is Great Aunt Mary playing with Miss C, she took to her Aunt Mary very quickly!!!
Now let's go for a walk, since one of Mary's friend's 3 year old had just fallen and sliced open her forehead, we didn't take any chances of this new walker doing it on her own!!!!
Hanging out and having fun!!!!Pictured here left to right is Robbin, Mary, John, C.J., Chuck, Jason and Will.
Lisa and Ryder
Nana Kathy and Ryder
Papa Robbin giving his hat to Ryder!!!
We got up and decided to ride out to Dog Town Lake, the forest lakes are stunning!!!!
Mommy and little Princess!!!
Us again!!!
C.j. and Jesse
What a cutie!!!!
Camdyn's family!!!
"I really get to pick this up and eat it with my fingers"!!!!!!
Oh, it's so good!!!!
Now for some fun play time!!! Uncle C.J. taking Miss C for a walk.
Daddy and me on the tire swing!!!! YEAH!!!!!
All 3 of us on the swings!!!!
Daddy took me down the slide!!!
Night time means fire pit time!!! How relazing!!!!
And of course that means S'MORES!!!!!!
This is so wonderful!!!!
Chuck and Robbin with their Uncle Chris and Aunt Dawn, Dawn was Chuck and Robbin's Mom's baby sister!!! She is only 6-7 years older then Chuck.
Nana Kathy enjoying her grandson Ryder.
Sorry, this photo is out of order, after hanging out at the Lily pond, C.J. gave Jesse a piggy back ride up the hill!!! That shows true love now doesn't it!!!!
posing at the lily pond.
Will and his little Princess and cousin Jason and his little Man.
Daddy and his little angel having a little conversation about this beautiful pond!!!
Most of the gang, Uncle Chris took this photo for us and Robbin, Kathy and Aunt Dawn had already walked up the hill, so not in the picture!!!
This little gem of a Pond way back in the woods!!!! A secret to most!!!!
We saw lots of animals, but the best was this small group of antelopes, pictured here are just 2, but there was probably about 10 or more. We(some saw these but not all of us) saw deer, antelope, rabbits, elk and lots of birds!!!
This was my view for 4 out of the 5 days!!! I rode in the back with the baby!!!!!Just beautiful!!!!
Robbin and Kathy in their Rhino!!
Uncle Chris and Aunt Dawn on their 4 wheeler and Mary and Georgie on their's. Ready to go ride!!!!
Ryder has his own rhino and his carseat is safely attached in it!! He's jsut sitting in his Papa's and Nana's rhino!!!
Jason, Lisa and Ryder stopped for a drink break!!!
Their cool custom painted Rhino!!!!
Uncle Chris took Jesse on a much anticipated horse ride, this guy's name is Bubba!!!!Here Jesse is giving him a nice brush, and getting to know him better!!!
Corie and Camdyn saying hi!!!I took Miss C on a long walk every day and we would always stop and talk to the horses or sit and wait for the many trains that went through this area every day, she was so scared of the trains honking at first but by day 5 she would actually be looking for them after hearing them honk!!!!
The brushing is done-check, getting to know Bubba better--done, getting to wear a cowboy hat--done!!!!I'm ready to ride!!!!!
Off for a ride in the woods!!!They saw a deer.
Have fun!!!!And she sure did!!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful trip!! I love the horses one day I'll show you my carousel collection....The view is gorgeous! I love the idea of 260 inches of snow!!!...Cracker Barrel is one of my favorite places to eat and yes, shop too. What a nice mini-vacation! Thank you for sharing your trip, I loved seeing EVERYTHING! Email me a message so I can email you back about the cup cakes. Click on my complete profile to get my email addy

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful trip to be along on. I know you had a fun laid back time. The fresh air of Arizona must be wonderful. I have never been there. My daughter and her family go real often. I am not sure which part. I have heard her speak of Phoenix. Blessings

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Cooler temps? Oh my gosh! We need some of that rain they got up there. No hail, just the rain and cooler temps. Looks like everyone had such a wonderful time. What memories. I love the cracker barrel pics, they were so precious. You have a lovely family Jamie. Just lovely. Country Hugs, Sherry

Deanna said...

This was a fun post. I felt like I was right there with you all.
What fun you surely had.

The little headbands with bows that your little princess is wearing are really sweet. So cute.

I could enjoy cabin living like this! It would be difficult to leave it.

Thank you for the prayers for my tall son/family. Greatly appreciate this.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Debbie said...

I love cabin trips!! My parents just finished remodeling their cabin in Pinetop and I cannot wait to get up there! We spent 4th of July there last year. Glad you had fun, loved your pictures:)!


debbie said...

I saw on sherry's blog you won an award from Jennifer...congrats...
I was going to try and tell you how to get you go to jennifer's site....right click on the award and then save as....i save my to my photos......then you can post it...just post like you do your if you want to post it on your side go to layout.....and it will take you to the widget space on your side click on where you want the award to go and then it will take you to a list of things....scroll down to picture and it will come up with a thing to load your picture.......
i am very computer stupid and I figured it out one day and I was so hurts me when people are having trouble on the computer because i know how it feels......i hope i helped and didn't confuse you....
Angel Hugs

AnjuGandhi said...

lovely photos
it seemed you had a good and enjoyable time
time spent with the family is the best time and when the family is out for picnic it adds more spice to the whole family union.
may you have many many of such outings

graciegirl said...

Thanx for you visit...I came over to ask how your trip, I see you had a great time!
Your granddaughter is so sweet.

I love those rockers too.
I am glad to hear that, that lovely cabin has stayed in the family, hope you enjoy more summers there.

Krystal said...

Wow now that was a nice trip! Looks like so much fun. I love all the pictures. Looks like you got some good ones with your new camera. It is so beautiful up there. What a nice way to spend the 4th... relaxing and away from the heat! Looks like Miss C had as much fun as you guys.