Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to our Son!!!!

From that wonderful day when you were born; you have touched all of us in some special way, to Dad you were his little man and now you are his grown up little boy and always his best friend. To Mom a love affair no Mom can explain to someone who has no son, it's just different then the love you have for a daughter. To Corie you are a smart and stable force, and to Stacie you are that competition she always wanted to beat and still does!!!
A happy loving baby and always a joy to be around!!!
1st birthday!!!!What a beautiful baby boy!!!!
Waiting for that little 3 wheeler to charge up after your 2nd birthday party!!!
A little daredevil right from the start!!!!
Growing into that special boy and loving life completely.
Dad and son always a good combination.I love your desire to learn more(here in San Diego after touring an air craft carrier)
I love your funny side!!!!(Hamming it up with cousin Brad)
I love your adventurous side!!!!(In Turkey with good friend Drew)
I love how handsome you are, but more importantly is how charming you are inside.
And I love the grown up Man you have become!!!
Love ya lots,
Dad and Mom


AnjuGandhi said...

many many happy returns of the day to your son,
happy birthday
god bless him

Nazish Rahman said...

Happy Birthday to your son mam!!!

Very well expressed...thats the love of a mother...and in short u have really made a nice snap slider that showed his each phase of his life!!

Deanna said...

I'm enjoying your blog and your friendship! It's such fun to see what's happening in your part of the world.

How wonderful our children are to us.

Sure did like this post and seeing your son mature right before my eyes through the photos.

May you all have a blessed Birthday time celebrating a wonderful son that continues to bless you as a young man now.

The precious things of life that we learn as they grow up and we grow older.
God Bless you and have a sweet week-end,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie! that was such a nice post, Wish your son a Wonderful Happy Birthday from me....Talk to you soon! hugs, Jennifer

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Jamie!
What a wonderful post about your son. Such a legacy. He is so handsome. I hope he sits down and reads the post. He is going to love it. I love the one on the motorcycle waiting for it to charge. I was so tickled for the award too. If you get stuck, email me and I will help you. Congrats sweetie. You are so deserving. Happy Friday! Country Hugs, Sherry

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching your son grow up with pictures. I have 4 birthdays in July and had planned on the same thing. My daughters have asked me to not post current pictures so I will have to improvise. I am so enjoying my blogging friends also. Loved your story of your young years. I am so embarrassed, I got two awards in 2 days each requiring 15 passes on. I am having a hard time with that part of awards. I blogged about it once. I am going to pick only 15 for the 2 awards.