Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jerome, Arizona

A mining camp was established here in 1883 by an investor from New York named Eugene Jerome. The town was named after him but he never visited here. Jerome became notorious as a "Wild West" town, where everything you can imagine was going on there, the New York Sun Newspaper called it "the wickedest town in the west". For over 70 years the mines there produced over a billion of dollars worth of Copper, Gold and Silver. By 1953 with a large decline in the value of copper, the mine closed. Thus began the tales of it becoming a Ghost town!!!
Liberty Theater built in 1918 is the oldest operating silent movie theater in Arizona. It also shows regular movies, you can tour the museum on the 2nd floor!!!

A trip to Jerome wouldn't be complete without the mining history museum.
Want to take a ghost tour??? Come back at night!!!!Or have lunch at the Haunted Hamburger!!!


marty39 said...

Jerome is such a fun town. We have been there many times. Nice getaway for a short trip. Hugs, Marty

Deanna said...

A hamburger at the Haunted Hamburger sounds like a spooky adventure! ha ha. Rattle my chains, think I'll have a root beer with that.
It sounds like funn.

Anonymous said...

Love the theater. Do they show silents? Had to watch some of those for a college class in communications. Have a hard time with those.

Mimi said...

Yes, Queen they do indeed still show silent movies!!! I would have loved to hung out and seen one of those!!!
I catch them every now and then on an old channel on our many cable channels!!! They are fun to watch!!!!

Stacie Gibbs said...

I love Jerome!! Did you get to the old brothel?? The candy store is across the street!! that is one of my favorite places to visit!!!