Sunday, July 19, 2009

So Surreal....So Sedona!!!!!

Our resort!!!! What a view and this is the same view we had out our patio door!!!!
2 of the many friendly ducks waddling around the property. beautiful!!!!That big weeping willow tree made me think of the Disney movie Little Mermaid, remember that scene in the rowboat????
The grounds were just so amazing and of course my Main Man loved playing golf on this little executive course!!!
Cocktails on the patio and dinner inside!!! Believe it or not it was HOT!!!!! The high hovered around 100 all week-end long!!! I just wanted a few days of cool weather and rain!!!!NOT!!!! But it was still so fun!!!!!
Eat, sleep, PLAY!!!!! We took a drive through Oak Creek Canyon and decided to go for a stroll along the creek!! We got our feet wet!!!!
Oh, that feels so cool!!!! My good friends Sue and Donna and I!!!
The cute DTC boys!!!! Chuck, Scott and Rick.
My sweetie and I, Stacie got Dad this great Tommy Bahama shirt for Father's Day and the other day while shopping for me, I saw this cute flower detail top and I loved it and it was just the right color!!!!
Elevate!!! We climbed(drove) the switchbacks to get to higher ground!!! It was a few degrees cooler!!!!
Tlaquepaque, a quaint little shopping and dining area in Sedona!!!
The gates of Tlaquepaque welcome you!!!!
A frog statue blowing you a KISS!!!!
Oak Creek Brewery!! We had to try it!!
Not quite a beer drinker, but it was so hot, I couldn't resist!!!
McDonald's in Sedona, Az is the only location in the world without it's trademark golden arches!!! Here they must blend in with the natural beauty and teal or turquoise is ok!!!

Every morning we headed to the Coffee Pot Restaurant for breakfast, named after this famous rock formation!!!
This one is called Cathedral Rock, from a different angle it looks to me like a pipe organ???
Bell Rock
From the balcony where we ate dinner, this formation is called Snoopy Rock, Snoopy is seen here laying on his back, can you spot him??? I meant to get one in the daylight but I forgot!!!!
This was the Manager's and wives get away week-end and we went up on Thursday to get one extra day!! It was so much fun(always is) just a little hot!!! But hey better then the 115 the Valley was dealing with!!


debbie said...

Dear Jamie,
No wonder I feel so rested...I have been to Sedona...what a beautiful trip and beautiful friends.
I have to ask if I can have permission to use 2 pictures on the right hand side of my blog:The gates of Tlaquepaque welcome you and A frog statue blowing a kiss...they would only be used on my blog with a link back to your blog
Amy received the treasured package of "PREVENTION!" That mouthwash might as well be liquid gold as much as it helps her....after the first 3 bottles arrived that Sherry sent, she began to rinse 4 x's a day and she said, "Mother, NO ONE could begin to know how much this helps me." On Friday she started to eat a tiny bit and on Sunday she was looking forward to eating. You are truly an Angel Jamie and have been a part of sending her something that is truely essential to maintaining her life because if you saw pictures of her today, you would think she was one who had severe anorexia and in fact she has.
Tuesday morning at 0700 is her big test...she will need lots of prayers
Angel Hugs

graciegirl said...

Hi Jamie
Your weekend trip looks like so much fun,and you can pass some of that heat this way,Manitoba usually has beautiful temps
+25-30-c,but this summer is so chilly only +18 or so.

Sedon looks fabulous,That weeping willow does look like the one in the movie,the ones here in our Provence have all died,disease.
Shopping in Tlaquepaque has a european flare to it.Yes I can see Snoopy:)
Such fun,there are so many places in the States I wish we could go to.
You can see a pretty pic of my baby granddaughter in my 2008 post next time you visit.Billa is 21 months...I'll have to contact Dillards for the dress... sometime we have "sister" store that the US have.
love talking with you,have a blessed day.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Jamie!
You all are so lucky you got rain. We only got lightning and wind. Not one drop of rain, that we so desperately need. I keep praying tho. Looks like you had a wonderful time. My backyard and home ofcourse is full of frogs, so you know what my favorite part of the trip is. Love the arches, imagine that a southwest color. Never heard of such a thing. The weeping willow tree is beautiful. We had one in our backyard growing up, and Debbie and I both hated it. If you were bad, you had to go pick a switch for your spanking. I said I would never have one in my yard ever, and I never have. I have heard so much about Sedona and the Oak Creek, but have sadly never been there. We have been out here 23 years, and have never been there. It is on our list, so thanks for sharing Jamie, as I loved it. The rock colors are gorgeous. Have a wonderful Monday. Country Love and Hugs, Sherry

Deanna said...

115 in the Valley...oh my. Unbearable. I can see where 100 seemed comfortable.
It looks like you had a great time and saw the sights.

Enjoyed the pictures. I can't remember the year we were there, your pics jogged my memory. It is a beautiful place.

Have a blessed week and God Bless,

Swatantra said...

hey nice pictures!!

Corie said...

Oh, I how I LOVE Sedona! I also LOVE the coffepot restuarant! Its making me want to switch my 30th b-day trip to here....well, not really. Sedona is GREAT, but my b-day spot is a once in a lifetime place!:) Glad you had lots of fun with all the friends from DTC!

Nazish Rahman said...


Jason and Lisa said...

Hi Jamie,
Looks like you guys had a nice weekend getaway and how nice to get into a little cooler weather. Sedona is a great place for a weekend or even just a quick day trip.

Stacie Gibbs said...

I do remember the weeping willow from The Little Mermaid, Sebastian sang "Kiss the Girl" to Ariel in the row boat!!!! Love that scene, wish I could have played some golf with dude!!!

A Joyful Chaos said...

What a lovely, lovely post! The picture of the gazebo and the weeping willow tree looks so delightfully tranquil. Thanks for sharing.

AnjuGandhi said...

lovely pictures.
you sure shoot the most eye catching things