Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Show and Tell--Wednesday!!!Nature!!!

I thought I'd try this blog idea out!!!So for this week, show something from Nature!!! While away in Sedona I got a lot of beautiful Nature things to photograph!!!I love trees and there was alot of different ones.This one lives creekside.
A close-up of all the leaves, imagine this in the fall, because this area does have fall leaves!!
The trunk was unavoidable, I think it tells alot about a tree!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie! You take such great pictures, some of those from when you were in sedona were awesome! I like pics of the mountain scapes, very neat looking. I hope you are doing well and are having a nice evening/morning..LOL!! Hugs, Jennifer

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Jamie! Beautiful pics. Just beautiful. I can hear the brook babbling in the background. I can smell the fresh air in the breeze as it blows, and I can see the rock canyon in the background. Honey take me away. Gorgeous photos, just gorgeous. Great outdoor post. Just great. Country Hugs, Sherry

The Shero's said...

I think the photos that you captured are GREAT! I could actually picture the surroundings in your pictures because of how real they are. I just LOVE Sedona. We have not visited there for quite sometime...but I think this Fall we will have to make a trip up there.
Thanks for the show and tell day!

Corie said...

Awww, beautiful nature up North! Makes Will and I both miss living in Flagstaff! We just may have to buy a cabin up North some day! LOVE the Nature idea!:) Go Mom!

graciegirl said...

I watched a programe on HGTV, about a couple searching out a house to buy in... Sedona! Because of your posts about this wonderful place I was able to see why they would want to live there.
Good up close photo

Deanna said...

Trees are a favorite of mine.
They are a wonder to behold.
Your pics are nice. Mimi Jamie, enjoyed seeing this post.

So thankful you shared on my site and prayed for us. Thank you! Tall Guy went to Israel with a group of people thru another ministry. Though I think it was great for him to see Israel, I was not happy about him going out of the country with a pregnant wife and two young children at home. It didn't rest with me at all.

He was ministered to through a few dreams he had while there about the importance of family and being a praying husband/daddy to fight the storms of life.

After we get to visit with him somemore I'll share.

Have a blessed day. I truly appreciate your friendship! Thank you for being a blogging buddy.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Jamie! Are you going to the Arizona blogger luncheon tomorrow? I am going to go, and I so wanted to meet you. Let me know. Country Love and Hugs, Sherry

graciegirl said...

Thanx for your visit,please send me the site info for the dress...Billa is a size 2...I would love one for her.We have a Kids Gap,so I'll check the T out.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Jamie,
Thank you for stopping by with your sweet comments.
Loved these nature pics. Sedona really is so beautiful!
And I thought the idea of turning the wall unit on it's side for baby's safety was ingenious!
Also, I enjoyed reading your Jerome post. My dad took us there as kids and I'll never forget the pretty copper ring he bought me that day. Sweet memories. : )

Nazish Rahman said...

nice change for your blog!!