Friday, July 3, 2009

More Red/White and Blue!!!!!

I live for these moments!!! I will cry when she doesn't want to cuddle anymore!! Til that day I will cuddle with her every single day!!!

Taking a walk in Mimi's hallway!!
We have SPARKLERS!!!!! YEAH!!!Here is Jesse writing her name with the smoke!!!
"God Bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her, and guide her through the night with a light from above. From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans, white with foam, God Bless America my Home Sweet Home"!!!!
Happy Independence Day Everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Mimi!! I hope you and your family are having a nice holiday weekend! I see you are all dressed adorable in the colors of red white and blue...My brother and his family weren't able to come for the 4th, he had to work and since they live a distance it was too hard....sooooo mom, hubby and I are being lazy and just puttering around the house and sitting on the porch visiting. We shopped all day, mostly window shopping and had a nice lunch. Tomorrow we'll get some fire works and watch all the neighbors stuff(everybody does them around here!) and I'll do a little cooking and just plain relax.... all in all it's been fun, but I do miss my nieces and brother and sister-in-law but he usually calls when he can't be here and we get to talk to everyone, so that will be nice. Thank you for such a nice comment you left me, that just made me smile : ) I love visiting your blog and think your such a sweetheart. I'm glad to have you as my friend!!! have a wonderful
4th of July! stay safe and hug on that grandbaby of yours bunches!!! ((Hugs)) Jennifer

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Jamie!
I am so jealous. Now how did you get sparklers? I thought you couldn't buy them out here, and I would love to have some for the kids. How fun is that? Looks like you had a wonderful time. Baby Girl looks like she was having a great time today too. Have a safe and happy 4th Jamie. "Country Hugs", Sherry

Nazish Rahman said...

Congrats...looks nice to see the way u'll celebrated. It was nice to see to see the angel realize how important that day is...she'll remember all these moments when she grows up!!!


marty39 said...

Have a wonderful 4th. Hugs, Marty