Monday, August 17, 2009

Brush with fame Game--Monday!!!!The Getaway with Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger

Due to this game I played with my friends ;the brush with fame game, and with help from our good friend Lance, AKA Uncle Lance as my kids call him we not only got to meet these stars but we worked as extra's on this movie for 5 days and subsequently about 10 or more other movies and commercials as well. Uncle Lance called one day and said "hey I just was over at Deer Valley airport and they are filming a movie over there, I knew they were filming in Arizona as I called about locations to try and see them and was told, "it is a closed set", well I asked Lance how he was able to get on set, he said oh no I was there doing something on my plane, yes, he is a co-owner on a small plane(lucky). So of course the wheels started rolling in my head, I told the kids get in the car, so we drove over there and I told the kids that we are just going to linger and act like we belong there, before you know it this asst. director instructs everyone inside the small terminal to go outside on the runway area, I thought ok we will act like we are part of it and see what happens!!!!! The assistants that help with the film crew were passing out little wooden airplanes to all the kids around, there was maybe about 50 extras in all, so the kids started throwing their little planes around and my son's landed on top of one of the cars parked there, I went to get it and this guy asked me how many days have you been working on the movie?? I said "ummm we aren't working on this film we were just here at the airport and stepped outside to take a peek!! He then went over and got the lady doing the hiring for the extras!!!! We were hired on the spot!!!! The first day of filming was just me, the scene in the movie for this first day was when Alec is driving through a parking garage trying to find a place to park his big green station wagon!! I'm walking with a man and a little boy. About 5 days later our entire family was called to work at the Amtrack station in downtown Phoenix!!! My husband only worked 1 day on the film and he got to see both Alec and Kim up close as well!!!If you look close and quick in the scene where people are going into the train station you will really see my hubby as he is so tall, he is wearing an aqua color shirt. The kids and I worked 4 more days on this film. On the day we actually were on the train we worked over 15 hours while the train was really moving and moving fast!!!!!This picture was taken at the train station in between takes, Here is the local paper's story about our family as the paper was doing stories about the people who got to work on the film.

I hope you can click on the article and make it big enough to read, there are so many fun and interesting stories I could tell you about our 5 days working on this movie!!!!!It was such an adventure for our family and from this little acting job it led to many many more!!!! I understand how so many young people get so messed up from acting in this business after having such a small role to play in this job!!! They treat you like you are a star even if you are just an extra, your wish is there command, I asked for gum from a friend and the crew ran to get me gum, it's just those little things that become bigger things to these big stars that make them so narcissistic and conceited into thinking they can have what ever they want when ever they want, so it is such a delight when you meet a famous person and they behave so well, case in point Candace Cameron last Sunday.

This was a small little article that came out in the paper the day the movie opened!!! I also got a call that morning from a radio station wanting all the juicy details on how Alec and Kim behaved on set!!!!!"I'll never tell"...... well maybe!!!!It's been along time!!!!

This is the outfit Kim wore all 5 days we worked!!!!!
Of course we had to wear the same clothes too!!!!!My daughter Stacie and I were given clothes from wardrobe and of course the train waitress outfit was provided to me as well!!!!

Here is what we wore for all the scenes at the train station!!! Our call time was 8 a.m. every day, and from where we lived at that time it was an hour drive there and so it was a very early wake up call for the kids!!!! Of course they provided us breakfast, lunch, SNACKS(good ones) and dinner on that very long day!!!!Most days are long and BORING!!!! Lots of sitting around waiting for them to set up the shot!!!!! It was May so a bit warm at that!! Most of the time we were sitting inside a building waiting.

But alot of the shots were outside!!!! So you make the best of it, I tried every possible thing to keep the kids busy, they brought their homework with them so in between takes we would do that. There were about 15 other kids around so that was fun for them and to this day we are still really good friends with one of the families!!!

"It's so hot"!!! I can still hear them whining!!!!!

Here is a picture of 2 of the ladies chosen to play nuns. It was hot to be wearing that habit all day!!! I liked the outfit they chose for me, however my little tomgirl daughter hated with a capital H wearing that skirt!!! A funny conversation with Kim Bassinger about Stacie in that skirt exists so for that she is now happy she got to wear the skirt!!!!

One of the assistant director's came up to me and I was selected as a train waitress and was even given a Line in the movie!!! Yeah, that means Alot more MONEY!!!!!!My kids were then watched over by a crew assistant as I was filming in the dining car and the kids were in the picture window car of the train. It was so fun and a bit scary to be working that close with Alec, but after about 15 minutes, 5 takes later, dropping real food on the lap of a guy, a nice hug from Alec and some Motherly advice from him(advice from a Man with no kids??) I was finally comfortable and got the take right that time!!!!!
This movie is rated R.... I mean R, my own kids never saw the movie til I could buy it and make it G rated!!!!! But if you watch the movie you will see the scenes we are all in. I like the way the scene turned out of me in the dining car, after all those takes looking back it seems so easy!!!

Here is Stacie with Michelle still our friend to this day!!!

Corie and C.J. playing cards on the train, boy was it a LONG DAY!!!!
Those kids on board from what I was told were running all over that train, all the while Mommy was in the Dining car talking away with Alec,and still being a waitress even long after filming was done, but we had a long train ride back to Phoenix!!! So he wanted BOOZE!!!!!
It was fun and interesting to sit and talk with him!!!!!Again the stories I could tell!!!!! But I won't!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie!, I went to sherry's blog and she said debbie and amy are resting, I'm so glad for that, they need it so bad....

I know a movie star too!! YOU!!! that must have been so much fun, My life is so boring : ( Like I said before, I would have passed out if I would have met ANY movie star at all..LOL!! I hope you had a good weekend, did you get all your cleaning done? I'm still doing mine, tomorrow I have to run to the post office. I sold the rest of the cupcakes in my etsy store to a lady who owns an antique/market place so I have to send them to her. I have too much to do!!!! my Brother and his family are going to come for a visit sometime in the next few weeks and I'm going to visit my mom sometime after that...I'm still taking care of my sick cat and the dogs eye is finally looking a bit better. Not too much else going on. : ) I hope tomorrow goes well for Amy and with all the prayers from everyone I like to think God is listening to us...I better get to bed, it's just after 3:30 am...I'm tired, been a long weekend. Have a nice week Jamie! I love ya!!! Hugs, Jennifer

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling I hope you had a lovely weekend. I just stopped by to wish you a sunny day!! I am at work now, but will return later to read this interesting post.

♥ hugs ♥


The Queen Of Re said...

I would love to see pictures of that baby quilt you are working on.

How was cleaning day?

Swatantra said...


I must say your efforts are remarkable..

Deanna said...

Howdy Jamie,
Oh what FUN!!!
Can't wait for the next Brush with Fame.

It's a down pour here in Kansas...rain, rain, rain.
The leaves have begun to turn and it's not September yet.
Blessings to you,

Tammy said...


I wish I could actually meet someone famous! Alec is very handsome in that picture!!

Gracie said...

Hi Jamie
That.s so interesting,What a fun game.I'm going to rent the movie and watch it...did you mention the name of this movie you played in, you "big" star you?:)
I guess that means I also know a star...Mimi.
We have allot of movie film here in our cities downtown apparently resembles old Chicago.
I have sent off the money order today to the address you gave me...I hope your computer whiz son can fix the e-mail problem we are having.
Merci beau coup...

blushing rose said...

TY for keeping up with Amy, she had surgery today & hopefully things are going well for her now.

What fun your being in the movies. Loved the articles & darling pics . What is your next adventure?

The Shero's said...

How fun! I LOVE reading all you and Corie's "Brush with Fame" posts. I have only had one...and if I can get my sister to send me the pics I will share it! What an awesome experience for the kids too!

Anonymous said...

That was quite a story. What is the name of that movie? I will have to go back and see. Oh is it The Getaway? Guess I overlooked that.

Debra said...

How exciting is that!!! I don't think I've ever had any real close brushes with anyone famous!

Blessings, hope you have a wonderful day, Jamie

Stacie Gibbs said...

HAHAHA I was reading the newspaper article and started cracking up at the bit about me!!! I forgot about all that until this post, wow its been 16 years since then! Can you believe how fast time goes??? Kinda sad!!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Your Monday Brush With Fame Game posts are so fun! I had to make sure I didn't miss this one...

Now, I just need to get a picture of myself with you and I can play along too!