Saturday, August 15, 2009


My daughter did a blog about Faves, and this week it is favorite vacation locales!!!!
I will not do the same ones as her, even though those may have been some of my Favorite's as well!!! If I did not live the life I live, I would want to live and work in Washington D.C. everything about that place interest me, History, Politics and the fact that you can walk evrywhere you need to go with a little help from the Subway!!!!
This pic was taken in the summer of 94!!!! We actually got to go inside the White House and see about 10 rooms, right after this trip, I went home and my daughter's room got painted a gorgeous shade of green(green room) our son's was painted Blue(blue room) and you guessed it Stacie's room was painted Red, actually more like maroon but hey it worked for my Red room, so I had my green, Red and blue rooms also!!! It was such a pleasure to walk the halls that the President walks on, the night before we toured it President Clinton hosted a black tie event for the Presidents of Israel and Egypt, so it was really cool!!!!

Every trip to D.C. a stop by the White House is a must!!!This was the summer of 2000.

This was Jan. 2005, my sister and I were in Washington D.C. to go to the Inauguration of George W. Bush's 2nd term!!!More on that trip another time!!!!In 2006 when we went to D.C. to visit C.J. while he did an internship there, I walked to the North side of the White House alone, no one wanted to go with me, but it was cool as the President of Iraq was visiting and the area around the White House was a buzz with security due to his visit!!!I think the North side is my favorite side, due to the fact that I have not scrapbooked those pics yet, I'm not going to dig through my piles to find that pic!!!! Sorry!!!!

ALASKA!!!! Here is my darling hubby and I in Denali National Park!!!! Due to high cloud cover Mt. McKinley was not visible this day!! You would think a Montain that is over 20,000 feet high would always be visible!!!!We saw Wolves, Bear, elk, and big horn sheep!!!!It was awesome!!!!!Cold even in June!!!!

We took this train through the Yukon Territory, the gold rush route!!!!
Here we are below on the top deck, enjoying the scenery in Glacier National Park!!!
It was so awesome to get to see this!!!!

This a glacier National Park, our cruise ship spent about 2 hours here!!! This is the view off our balcony!!! Cold but amazing and when pieces would break off and fall into the Bay it was like a loud BOOM!!!!!!! So beautiful!!!!!The state of Alaska is so wonderfully Naturally beautiful.The animals we saw were a real honor, all the eagles flying about, the large animals roaming around and the trees oh it was just so amazing!!!!

Since my daughter took Hawaii and Hilton Head Island, I love, Love, LOVE the beach so I chose the Bahamas!!!! The Caribbean blue water is so aqua blue it is hard to describe!!!!
Hawaii's water is so awesome as well, but the Caribbean is really special!!!!Here we are in Nassua, on a cruise and stopped here for 12 hours!!!!

We went over and checked out the Atlantis resort!!! This place is unbelievable!!!! I just know I will be back here one day!!!!!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Jamie!
You may want to come and check out my blog real quick. Things are not good honey. We need prayers, and quickly. Please pray. It is so critical right now. I love you, Sherry

Gracie said...

Hello Jamie, my friend
Thank you for your sweet visit,I am so sorry that I am responding late...I was called into work today,I could have said no,but I felt bad they didn't have enough staff for the week end,I work tomorrow too.
I didn't know your daughter has a blog,What is it called,does she have visitors?
Yes I agree DC is so interesting,I have a friend who moved there,she loves it.Your cruse looks great,I may take a Caribbean cures this April,will see?
I got your address,I'll send the money order off before I go on holidays.
Iam so glad to have meet you
Bless you,please now I am fervently pray along with you for Amy
HUGS Gracie

nancygrayce said...

I love Washington too! All the beautiful parks and you just walk around a corner and there's something new to see! So much to see, so much for free! :)

Colleen said...

Washington is one of my favorite places too! So much to see and easy to get around. (I called you Mimi when I answered one of your comments on my blog, but now I realize you are Jamie!! Sorry about that.) God bless.

Deanna said...

The memories that were made must be wonderful ones.
I'd love to go back to Washington DC and see the sights, especially the White House.
Have a blessed week-end.

Corie said...

I want to go to Atlantis so bad!!! Those trips you went on were fun ones! I LOVE D.C. also....I need to get Will there sometime! SO much to see and learn, love those kind of places!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Go read your email. Love, Sherry

Terry said...

Howdy Jamie
Oh wow
I have always wanted to travel.
Alas God has kept me land locked .
I am where he has placed me.
I really do love to see all the awesome places people have been to and enjoy their photos so much .
If I am to stay put that is okay too.
God is in charge not me !
Thank you so much for all the most amazing comments you leave.
There are times you want to shout and find out if anyone is listening or if maybe an echo will answer you :)
Please continue to keep Amy Dawn in
your prayers .
Things are so difficult ,I wish I could do something besides pray ,but for the moment that is what is needed !
Big Hugs
Love from Texas
Happy Trails

Debra said...

Beautiful pictures Jamie! I dearly love seeing picures of different places and things!

Thanks for stopping my way so early this am. Blessings on Ya!

AnjuGandhi said...

nice pictures.
is photography your hobby?
washington DC reminded me so much of Indian capital New Delhi

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Jamie, come to my blog sweet angel. Our Amy Girl is a fighter and she is not going down without one. I love you, Sherry

Debra said...

Hello Jamie, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving me such a precious note.

We got to visit Washington DC a few years ago and I truly enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, and I could easily spend a few weeks there given the chance.

Just wanted you to know I've been praying for that young girl (country wings in phoenix)who is so very ill, found out about her by way of your blog.

I would love to send an offering to help if you could email me the address

Blessings dear friend.

Buttercup said...

We have some of the same favorites, Alaska and Washington, DC. I've posted on two other favorite places, too, Santiago in Spain and Cape May, NJ and of course, beautiful Sedona. And perhaps my very favorite is Paris.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Jamie,
First, I enjoyed this post. I, too, love Washington D.C. I've been twice. It sure makes you appreciate and love our wonderful Country even more.
Second, would you please email me Debbie's address. I would like to participate in the donation with others.
Thanks Jamie,
Mary Lou