Monday, August 10, 2009

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans--Brush with Fame Game--Monday!!!

In Sept. 1984, I read in the local paper that Roy Rogers and Dale Evans would be in town to participate in the ground breaking ceremony for their new HAPPY TRAILS R.V. park. I called my Grandparents and told them I was going to take them to this and they were so excited!!! Roy Rogers was my Grandpa's idol!!!! Every time they went to Calif. they would detour through Victorville to go to their museum. When we arrived, we were walking up and Roy and Dale had just stepped out of their R.V. and of course we stopped to say hi and before you know it Roy was picking our daughter Stacie up!!!! I asked if I could take a picture and they said of course. We stood and talked with them for probably 15 minutes, I got several more pics of my Grandparents with them as well. My Grandpa cherished these photos til the day he died. I made an 8x10 for them as well.
Here is our oldest daughter watching them do the ground breaking!!!!My Grandpa loved anything to do with Westerns, books, movies, sightseeing, everything!!!!
When all of us grandkids were little he would take us all over the state of Arizona to old stagecoach stops and Indian ruins, it was so fun going on adventures with my Grandparents!!!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Jamie!
How wonderful is the picture. I just love, love, love it. You do know that "Rogers" was my maiden name. I too am a Rogers. See you had a star in your car and didn't even know it. Oh ha, ha, ha. I am at home today. I have had a long night and just could not bring myself to go in today. This is going to be a hard day for all of his. I have talked to Debbie this morning. Amy had a rough night, still having lots of nauseau. They have another concern. As of today her bowels have not moved for 19 days. There were no bowel sounds this morning. We are afraid there may be a bowel obstruction. She has had one before from the chemo. We just don't know. Debbie will let the Dr.s know when they get to the city this morning. She may end up with more surgery before this ordeal is over. I have prayed through the night and will continue today. I love you honey. Thank you again for being such a wonderful friend. Love, Sherry

Anonymous said...

I love this and how wonderful to have these pictures. I remember Roy Rogers was my favorite cowboy when I was a little girl. Boy that was a long time ago.
Pat Boone came to our church right after we got married in 1958 to lead the singing one Sunday night. We had a picture of the two of us with Pat and Shirley taken in front of the church. It disappeared years ago and we never knew where it went. I wish we still had it. Our daughter took a picture of Johnny Carson on the beach at Malibu back in the 80s. The drug store where we took the film to be processed messed up the whole roll of film and we lost it. We decided maybe we were not supposed to have pictures of celebrities. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie! I Finally went and looked through all of your posts I hadn't commented on. WOW! you have been busy. The trip with sherry looked like so much fun loved seeing all the pictures...what beautiful landscape too. You both looked so nice how neat is that to live close enough to be able to meet up for as day!!! : ) ...What a fun shower too, cotton candy and pink! nothing better than that...very sweet pictures....Miss camdyn looked adorable with her shadow..I just got a huge smile when I saw that! It's so cute to see little ones trying to catch their shadow but they don't understand they can't...but it sure is a hoot watching them try!!LOL! ....You sure have met alot of celebs in one way or another, that must be reall neat...Candace Cameron seems like she is really down to earth and very sweet... that must have been fun meeting her. I used to watch full house all the time, loved that show... had a crush on John stamos(shhhhh don't tell anyone)...LOL!! How neat was that for you to take your grandparents to see Roy and Dale!!! I bet your grandfather was so excited! I can't wait to see who you have met next....Have a beautiful Day! Hugs, Jennifer

Bunny said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time and these photos are treasures I am sure.
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. There are lots of tutorials on u tube for photo shop and tons of info on the net. Have fun.

Terry said...

Howdy Jamie
Oh wow how awesome is this !!!!!
Love the photos.
I am a huge fan of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans .
I am so glad you shared these.
Thank you for putting a big smile on my face today and adding joy to my heart.
Your so sweet.
Blessings to you and yours.
Big Hugs
Happy Trails

Buttercup said...

How great! I loved Roy and Dale and read all of Dale's books. Still hum "Happy Trails" sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Oh did I ever love Roy and Dale too. We went to the matinee every Saturday. Yes those famous folks are just like us, just in a different line of work. It is always fun to get to meet someone like that. Your grandparents were blessed to have you and you to have them.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Sweet Jamie!
Rebecca from A Gathering of Thoughts, made muffins this evening and has gone to the hospital to see Debbie, Amy, and the family. Debbie and Richard are sleeping in the car tonight as they have no where to go. Moma is sleeping in the recliner in the room with Amy. Apparently she didn't offer to leave and let Debbie have the chair to rest. That is our Mother for you. "Ms Queen" herself. So Debbie and Richard were out in the car. I guess Rebecca came and Amy texted them that a lady was there asking for them. So I don't know what happened but Debbie and Richard are in the car in pouring down rain, and it's hot as a firecracker and humid outside, and she said she would call me back. I haven't heard from her yet, so I don't know what is going on. I'll keep you posted on that one. At least someone has gone to check on them. I am so grateful for that. I am going to work tomorrow so I am off to bed tonight. I will check back with you tomorrow honey when I know something. I love you, Sherry

hpabate said...

Hi Jamie, I am not sure who Roy Rogers is lol, but I am sure you will understand, the pictures look like it was a wonderful memory to hold on to though.

Thank you for stopping by this morning and for your words of encouragement, I really need them now. Take care of yourself.


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

What a fun story and great pics to go with it! My husband always tells me that he loved Roy Rogers as a young boy. Roy was one of his idols...

Bunny said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, re the sea glass. It is from bottles that have been trown in the sea and have been broken and washed ashore, it is usually found at the edge of the water, sometimes you have to pull a handfull of sand or broken shells at the shore line to find the glass. HTH

Anonymous said...

Jamie, can you please email me please, Hugs, Jennifer

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Awwww, who didn't love Roy and Dale??? I can't believe you did that for your Grandparents. Treasured memories!
I also got a kick out of your pix from seeing Candace Cameron. She looks adorable. She and her brother are very involved in the Christian community. So impressive.
Also, the first few pics of Camden in "the me and my shadow" were to die for. I can only imagine what her Scrapbook is going to be like one day, with all the precious photos taken by her Mimi!: )

Terry said...

Howdy Jamie
Just popped in to wish you a nice day.
Hope all is going well.
Here is my e-mail address
sometimes I can go for days and not be able to get into read comments or leave them with blogger.
Should this happen I have been blessed by a couple of gals who email me and let me know they can't get into my sight or just to see what's up.
I really enjoy your blog !
Big Hugs
Happy Trails

Deanna said...

Hi Mimi Jamie.
Appreciate your kind words about Mother Nature. I will jump with joy when she stops bothering me.
Last January, we were out eating and she did a number on me where I had to wrap a jean coat around me to exit the building. There weren't too many people around when I went to the bathroom. It was aweful and I ended up at the emergency room because of her. This go round in August will hopefully slow way down this week. It has been a very difficult ride! We women should receive GOLD Metals for this SPORT!!!

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were great and have enjoyed your story. Enjoy your blog and enjoy your friendship.

No need for a gym, when running after the grand babies. My weight should have fallen off of me, but it hasn't...shucks.

God bless you and have fun with the little one, she's precious.

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

Wow.. that was a wonderful post.. we also are big Roy and Dale fans.. what wonderful real genuine folks they were, with gigantic hearts!

Gracie said...

Hi Jamie
My dad is a big fan of Roy Rogers...but I don't know much about him or his music.
I resent an e-mail to you,trying 2 different ways push "reply" button and manually typing it...I guess you didn't get them?
The only other way I can figure to do this before Billa grows too big for the T shirt,is you send me your address, and I'll send you the money order.
I also read of your idea to help out Debbie,on Sherry's site,I'd like to I will send some extra for her,seeing as how you are in "real" touch with them,and you can pass it on. Would this be ok with you?
I'm so sorry for all the trouble with the e-mail:(

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Yes ...I am an Addict..we have been for 3 different weeks in the last 10 months.....and the Corla Reef is one of out favorite places..the grandkids love the under the also love Le Cellier Steakhouse....I am starting to plan our next trip....