Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Show and Tell Wednesdays!!! Today was a favorite blouse or top!!!

Today is my normal Show and Tell Wednesday, but due to a heavy heart I cannot think of showing something so meaningless. What I do want to show and tell is this. My dear friend Sherry over at Country Wings in Phoenix and Debbie over at There's an Angel on my front Porch have very heavy hearts tonight along with the rest of their family. You see Debbie's daughter Amy is battling Cancer, she is 33 years old, has had some sort of battle with Cancer since she was 10. She is in a battle of her life at this moment, her heart rate is racing high and then goes back down, this poor girl is a mere 74 pounds barely alive, the State of Oklahoma has refused certain feedings as the state budget cannot afford to pay for this, Amy needs nourishment so bad as she is so weak from not eating for so long. Now where I'm going with this, Debbie and her husband have not even had enough money to stay in a hotel, last night they slept in their car as it rained so maybe they could get some much needed rest away from the hustle and noise of the hospital waiting room or in a chair by Amy's bed, where the constant sound of all the needed items to sustain Amy are there. Amy's Grandmother stayed by her side while Debbie got some much needed rest herself. Everyone knows how expensive eating every meal at a hospital can cost, gasoline to drive the 2 1/2 hours to get to the hospital is, so what I'm asking everyone is this, we can all contribute a small amount, even $10.00 each adds up to alot of money, some might not be able to contribute that, but other's can give more, what ever the Lord leads you to give or what you can spare. Debbie and her family are very kind hearted people and would Never Ever ask let alone probably even condone this of me, but I feel led to start this cash donation drive to help out a little. If you feel like you would like to give, please contact Sherry or me for Debbie's address.
God Bless each and everyone of you for Praying and being a friend to these two dear ladies and a friend to Amy,


Barbara said...

Mimi, I thought I was a follower also...but I am now.

A room for Debbie and Richard has been taken care of, but I am sure they could use some extra money.
Very thoughtful of you.

Stella said...

If you would e-mai me an address I would love to help out.

Tammy said...

By all means...please email me the address!!

Great idea, sister!!♥♥♥♥♥

AnjuGandhi said...

my prayers are with her

marty39 said...

My heart is so heavy for all of them. Please email me at

and give me the address. Thanks for helping out. Hugs, Marty

Deanna said...

Dear Jamie,
Just popping in and read about Amy's Parents. Very very sorry about Amy.

This is very kind of you to get the word out.

Jamie, perhaps there's a Ronald McDonald House near the Hospital where Amy's family could rest for a bit, shower and sleep.
I don't know of all the rules, just know my Father-in-Law stayed at one while his wife was hospitalized.

Also, If a near by Church heard of their challenge, they might assist with homes to stay at or some additional financiall assistance.

Have been praying for the entire Family, especially Amy.

Hope all is well with you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie, You know I'm in! every little bit helps! : ) Love ya!!....My prayers are sent on butterfly wings....Hugs, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Dear Jamie, What a nice surprise. I had just gotten home form being with my daughter. She is better, but she is still sick. That is the sweetest thing that ever happened to me. A gift for no occasion except to say I am your friend. Thank you so much. I am so proud. No one wanted to pay Pay it Forward with me so I just that is that. I just want to send something for Amy.

Stacie Gibbs said...

I'm in mom, send me an address and I would love to help out!

The Shero's said...

You are such a TRUE friend! This has been a busy week for me and I was bummed that I thought I missed this weeks "Show and Tell". As I was reading your post it brought tears to my eyes for two for the family and two because "we" look forward to such silly, but fun things in life that sometimes we forget to think about ALL those out there that are struggling for their health. So thank you for posting this and reminding us all that we need to stop a ask God to guide us to where he needs us to serve...and then have fun! I will continue praying for everyones strength through this time in their lives. Please send me an address...I would LOVE to help out!