Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 3 of Disneyworld Vacation!!!!

We started the day off at Breakfast at the Ohana restaurant also at the Polynesian Resort. It is served family style, which means alot of food served to you!!!!!It also is a character breakfast!!!Camdyn and I loved our Mickey shaped waffles!!!
Stitch stops by first to say HI!!!! Camdyn was like "who are you"?????

Lilo was next, she also said Mimi come and take me away!!!!!I don't know her!!!!
So I thought I would try and show her how nice and friendly Lilo was!!!!
She just wanted to see Mickey Mouse!!!!! here he comes!!!!!
"No Mommy, you kiss his nose"!!!!
That made her happy!!!!!
Playing Peek-a-Boo with Pluto!!!!Oh that was so cute!!!!!
Off to Magic Kingdom!!! MY favorite park!!!!! Look at all the fun fall decorations!!!!!
Camdyn finally gets her balloon!!!!She loves balloons!!!!!
Oh my dream, meeting the fairy Godmother!!!!I'm the fairy Grandmother!!!!
riding Dumbo!!!
The carousel
It's a small world after all, oh my she loved everything about this ride!!!!
the twirling teacups!!!
Her favorite the Choo-Choo!!!!!
Meeting Sleeping Beauty, hmmmm.... does she really want to????
No not so much!!!
Mimi take me away!!!What a very fun day!!!!


Grams said...

Jamie, I just realized that your Little Miss C is only 2 months younger that our John Robert. They are such fun aren't they! Kathy

Deanna said...

Hi Jamie!
This is fun to get to see the sites with you through blogland.

What a blast you must have had with your sweet family and Disneyworld.

God bless,

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I've been to the Polynesian Resort for their Luau. But we've never been to the Ohana Restaurant. Would love to try it out sometime!

Camdyn looks so cute in her princess dress!