Saturday, October 10, 2009

Princess Diana--Dresses for Humanity

While in Orlando, there was a traveling exhibit of Dresses and other memorabilia that belonged to the Late Princess. Since I have been a fan and follower of the Royal family since...well since I was a little girl. I inherited from my Grandmother a large envelope of old Newspaper and magazine articles about the Royal family dating back to the early 50's!!! I cried when that was given to me and I am in the process of preserving these precious things now. My Grandmother was in "awe" or just interested in the British Royal family as much as I am. I can remember as a little girl her showing me pictures in old National Geographic magazines when the current Queen was crowned. I will always treasure these items.So to hear that this was here was a Must see on My list!!!!! Stacie took her Dad out golfing for a Birthday gift and Will went along, Corie and Camdyn went shopping at downtown Disney and the exhibit was housed in one of the buildings Disney closed down at downtown Disney so I was waiting at the door for it to "Open, open, Open"!!
These dresses were auctioned off for charity while Diana was alive an inspiration for this sale was from her son William. She auctioned off 79 of her ballgowns and her dresses and 14 of them were won by secret bids from her good friend Maureen Rorech who now travels around with these dresses continuing to use a portion of the admittance fee for charity. Along with the dresses there was old cards, letters, china, books, furniture and several other things accumulated to make this mobile museum a tribute to Diana.

The only photograph inside they let you take. I always loved this dress and Diana added so much to the look wearing one red glove and one black glove!!!!
see dress below!!!!
This is the burgundy velvet dress above that Diana wore with the Pearls going backwards instead of forwards!!!!
This beautiful gown was worn by Diana in 91 and again in 92. She wore it on a trip to Brazil in 91 and in 92 to a movie premiere.

This is the dress Diana wore to the Preview party the night of the auction.

Diana loved the cut of this dress that she had 2 made in different fabrics. She wore this ice blue one to the Auction Preview Gala Party.
Looking over the dresses for auction.

Princess Diana wore this Maroon velvet gown to the Steel Magnolia's movie Premiere in 1992.

This is the Most famous Gown of all!!! It also holds the title for the Highest bid ever on a garment. The second place garment is the suit worn by John Travolta in Dance Fever. And this is the Dress Diana wore to the White House state dinner in the 80's when President and Mrs. Reagan hosted a dinner with the Prince and Princess in attendance. Who can ever forget that famous dance of Diana and John Travolta swirling about on the dance floor!!! Even he recalls "It was like a fairytale"!!!!!
After our fun mornings out we went to lunch at our favorite Disney Restaurant "the Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort"!!!

I love that smile!!!!!
Dessert #1, cheesecake with a sugar sauce crown!!!!
An ice cream sundae and cotton candy!!!!! Oh yum, can we all say Heaven in a cone!!!!


Debra said...

Princess Di certainly had a sense of style. Enjoyed seeing these photos of her dresses.

Corie said...

Princess Di was a lady of class and style! I LOVE all of the dresses/clothes she wore! She was a such an amazing lady!

Deanna said...

Dear Jamie,
Now this is something I would have really grubbed up on!!!
For years I have admired Princess Di's clothing and enjoy thumbing through books and sites on the internet.

So glad you got to see this in person! What a fantastic treat.
The well dressed woman!!!

A few years back I came upon a site where she's buried and you can take a virtual tour of the museum. It is very interesting to me.

I also like Jackie O's clothing. Her personal Designer was Oleg Cassini. 7 years ago when my daughter picked out her wedding dress, she picked a Cassini. I didn't know it at the time that Jackie liked him. Would find this out later. Anyhoo, I like fashion more than I admit!!!

Happy for you that you got to see the lovely dresses,

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I'll take Dessert #1 thank you!

Love the Princess Di photos! She was such a beautiful person, inside and out!