Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Malibu--Day 3 of our California trip!!!

We headed back out to Malibu for our special day!!!! We had lunch here at Duke's!!!! We have eaten at the Duke's on Waikiki Beach as well.
We sat here in the corner with this big picture window in front of us, the big window was opened and it was an amazing sight!!!

Time to eat!!!
I snapped this picture of a sea gull flying by!!!
The view out the window!!! The waves were crashing on these rocks right below!!!
Camdyn's new favorite pastime at restaurants is coloring!!!
Guess who I got to meet???? The REAL Original GIDGET!!!!! She comes into Duke's to greet customers on Sundays and Tuesdays!!!! I bought her book and she autographed it, I will do a post on the book soon!!!!!Her real name is Kathy Kohner but all the locals greet her with Hi Gidget!!!!She is 67 years old and she says she still surfs occasionlly!!!!
We then drove around for a few hours so little Miss Camdyn could take a nap before her big PHOTO SHOOT!!!!! Now for the story as to why we took another trip!!!! My daughter and I decided to keep this trip a secret until we returned home. To get on the phone or internet and tell the story of Camdyn getting this opportunity seemed a bit ostentatious. So until we returned and knew for sure she would be photographed we waited to tell the story now!!!!When Camdyn fell out of her stroller last week and nearly bit all the way through her lip we thought how close she came to not being able to do this!!!! So you just never know if Babies will cooperate and be animated and full of fun and do exactly what the photographer is wanting. We arrived at this beautiful house in Malibu at our appointed time. They were running a little behind schedule so we just played around this beautiful beachfront property!!!!According to the internet this house was built in 1978 and estimates have it's value at 5 million dollars!!!!! The lot size is around 1/2 acre!!!To get to the Private beach you walk down approx. 100 steps!!!!There you will find a 1 room little cabana with a bathroom.
It has quite a large driveway that holds approx. 40 or more cars, I hear the owners also rent their home out for weddings!!!!This family has grown adult children but keep all the remaining play equipment up for renting out the house purposes!!! Their was a playground with swings, slides, basketball court, tether ball and a playhouse.
This is a bathroom near the playground!!!!
The big beautiful yard with it's gazebo!!!!And a view to die for!!!!!
The back yard BBQ area, also here is where Camdyn's shoot took place!!!
One of 2 apple trees on the property.
Some of the garden area and that playhouse!!!
The front of the house that faces the ocean!!! The Breakfast nook and Kitchen area.
Rose garden and formal dining room area.
Outdoor sink by the BBQ area!!! I think the owner of the house likes to plant flowers in pots as there was like 100 of them everywhere!!!!
Time for Camdyn's photo shoot!!!!This is the side of the house!!There is 2 narrow driveways that come down from the main driveway!!! it is all paved in red bricks.
The rose garden out front.
Their view!!!!
That walk way down to the beach!!! A bit steep to say the least!!! You would walk down 10-20 narrow steps then their was a curved walkway to more stairs!!!!
I snapped this of myself!!!!
Camdyn playing with the other kids before her shoot!!!That little boy thought he owned the tether ball!!!!
Nope!!! my turn!!!!
Snack time!!!!
Time to change into the outfit they want you to wear!!! It was an organic outfit made from bamboo, and of course the SHOES!!!! After all it is the shoes that the Company is advertising!!!! My daughter was just entering her into a photo contest wearing this brand of shoes to win a pair!!! And guess what!!! Camdyn won a photo shoot for the shoes 2010 spring/summer shoe line to be advertised in magazines as well as online!!!!!
getting to know the photographer and getting comfortable with the crew!!!!
This guy was amazing!!!He made balloon objects, had a bubble maker and sang her songs and she just did what ever he wanted her to do!!!!!
They had to pull up those pants so you could SEE those shoes!!!!!
She did so good and she looked so cute doing it!!!!That is the owner of the shoe company the lady in dark blue!!!
Mommy even got to be photographed walking with her!!!!
I was not expecting to do that!!!!
I'm so glad I got to go along and see this all for myself!!!!
what a fun trip!!!!!


Stacie Gibbs said...

All the photos look so cool! I am so excited for Miss C that she got to do this, how exciting!!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh my goodness...never a dull moment over here. I must show this pic of Gidget to my girls, who LOVE her original movie.
And I can't believe this incredible story with the photo shoot...oh, but're Mimi...yes I can. : ) Such fun!!! I'm so glad Camdyn got the nap in and was in a great mood for the photographer.
I also LOVED the photo below of Camdyn and Mommy on the beach, where little miss C was in the air.
Thanks for sharing,

Fairy Footprints said...

Jamie the pictures are darling. Little Miss C is so sweet. You looked like you guys had an amazing time.


Deanna said...

Hi Jamie,
Malibu!!! What a treat.
Enjoyed visiting today.
Fantastic opportunity for professional pics to cherish.
Hope to see them later!
Autumn fun,

Deanna said...

Also meant to say meeting the real Gidget would have been fun.
When Sally Fields played the tv character...was she portrying this Gidget?

Julie said...

Jaime how exciting! Can't wait to see Miss Camdyn's photos in the ads! Chris used to work at the bank of america in Pacific Palisades and Gidget used to come in all the time, and Chris had no idea who he was. It's so pretty up in Malibu, glad you guys had a great time! My surgeon lives off PCH in Malibu with steep stairs like that to get to the beach.

blushing rose said...

What fun! All these celebrities right under foot! We enjoyed Malibu when we lived in CA. We enjoyed Carmel By The Sea even moreso.

So, I am missing something, WHAT shoe brand is she modeling/for. She is darling ... a natural.

Your pics are beautifully taken to capture the gorgeous beauty of it all.

Have a warm wonderful eve. TTFN ~Marydon

Denise said...

What an awesome experience. I have to ask if you ever stay home though? I was telling my daughter about your themed family dinners and had to scroll and scroll and scroll. :) I'm not even sure where you live since I've seen you pictured from one end of the country to the other! :)

Debra said...

Love those photo's! California may very well be the next place we plan to visit. It looks so beautiful there!

vicki archer said...

'Gidget' certainly brought back a few memories....Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your little Princess on being so adorable to win this photo shoot!!
Also... OMGoodness... Would I just LOVE that house in Malibu!!!! What a way to wake up in the morning....
Thank you for visiting my blog!! Come back soon....

nancygrayce said...

I am so impressed that you met Gidget! I loved her! You meet the most famous people.....I'm going to have to start trying harder!

How exciting for Camdyn!!!! So she will be in their catalog? Will you be able to say the name of the company so we can all see??

O.K. I would just like to walk through that house.

Colleen said...

Beautiful pictures and looks like fun.

Jule's Spot said...

This is so exciting!
Love you! Julie

Anonymous said...

So neat. She's definitely got the face - what a doll. Can't wait to see the end product.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

How fun for Camdyn (but I bet Mom and Mimi had a even funner time!)

I had to show the picture of Gidget to my husband. He was in love with the TV Gidget (Sally Fields) when he was just a kid!