Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Malibu and Calabasas-Day 2 in California

We started our day driving around beautiful Malibu!!! It is indeed 27 miles of Pristine Beaches!!! No wonder so many celebrities want to live here!!!
We stopped for lunch at Paradise Cove. This is the site where all those Beach movies were made at!!!!! Some of my favorite movies, Beach-Blanket-Bingo and so many more!!!
I like their little wishing bell I rubbed it and made my wish!!!!
WOW!!!! Did I SEA a View!!!!
Some of the most beautiful coast you will ever see!!!
This is where we ate, literally right on the beach!!!
Toes in the sand!!!
Camdyn was giving out kisses today!!!!
And enjoying the scenery!!!
relaxing in one of the many beach chairs, they also had beach beds for customers to relax in!!!!
let's go for a walk on the beach.....
taking it all in.......
she is so much fun!!!!
twirling with Mommy!!!
"Look Mimi I found a seashell"!!!!!!!
let's put our toes in.......
look at those footprints!!!

Guess what, they were filming a scene here for the soap opera Bold and the beautiful, stayed tuned on Monday's Brush with fame to see who it was!!!! It was 3 famous people!!!!
I hope you cannot see who it is yet!!!!!
driving around Malibu, here is Rod Stewart's house!!!!
Cher lives at 27422, I'm sure it is a huge house down by the beach.....
We went to President Ronald Reagan's Library!!!!
I wish that Bronze statue could come alive and take over for us!!!!!
Back in Calabasas and of course a stop at Crumbs bakery!!!!
Mommy got carrot cake and I got a Halloween chocolate one with orange Buttercream frosting!!! Like the picture on the wall says, "I can taste the Happiness"!!!!
We spotted this tree with some yellow leaves so had to get a picture, the turtle pond is located here!!!!
We could not go to Calabasas and not stop at Smooch and Dash, these 2 boutiques are owned by the Kardashian Family. We went inside smooch , but did not go into Dash!!! We were thinking so many tourists probably go in there just to bug them we would not!!!!!

It was a cute little childrens boutique!!!!
We noticed very large pictures of Kim-Courtney and Khloe Kardashian on the walls of Dash!!!!


Deanna said...

more fun, fun, fun.

Julie said...

My surgeon (the one who's house I went to this summer with the gorgeous Italian Villa) lives right next door to Cher on PCH!!
Looks like you guys had a great time! You took in so many tourist spots in such a short time.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Beautiful pics of Malibu! Looks like you had a great "girls only" weekend!