Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Santa Monica Pier--Day 1 of our little trip to California

I have driven by the Pier but have never actually been to it, it is a very busy place to be on a week-end day!!!Lots of interesting things going on here.
The pier is celebrating it's 100th birthday!!!
The carousel was built in 1916 and still a very popular attraction at the pier!!!!
Of course nothing beats the Beach as the number 1 draw for most people, it is a beautiful stretch of beach!!! It is here where the phrase Muscle Beach became synonymous with Santa Monica!!!
Mimi and Camdyn at the pier!!
The famous Pacific Park in the background!!! It has alot of really neat rides, especially the ferris wheel and the roller coaster!!!You can see the ferris wheel lit up at night almost half way to Malibu!!!!
Walking in Palisades Park, it is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and runs 3 miles along the coast. Very nice park to run or walk!!!
It is here where the Famous Route 66 begins or ends!!!!!!
The Ivy at the Sea(the original one is in Beverly Hills) there was a Paperazzi outside of here today and I asked who was inside, he said I don't know but a few days back Jennifer Garner and Brooke Shields were there!!!!!
We headed over to a really cool outdoor type Mall to eat dinner and do a little shopping!!! We had dinner here at this cool cafe. The decorations were all antiques or farm type stuff.

For dessert we ordered the S'mores for 2!!! It comes with your own little fire!!!! The homemade graham crackers were so yummy!!!!Tasted like a ginger cookie!!!
Mommy and Camdyn making and eating theirs!!!!


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what a great time you must have had.

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