Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brush with Fame game Monday!!! Johnny Carson and Bob Newhart!!!

I was so happy to get to attend a taping of this show!!! I knew he was retiring soon, so a few of my friends combined an antique shopping trip with a Hollywood fun day!!!! We did the tour of Stars homes and we got tickets to this show!!!! The guest that night was Bob Newhart!!!! It is so fun to see it in real life!!!! The studio was really not as large as I thought it would be!!!!Now i'm sad I never got to see Jay Leno!!!! I hear he maybe coming to our local casino!!!!! So maybe!!!!


Duchess of Tea said...

My darling I wish you and yours all the joy, love, hope, blessings, peace, laughter, miracles, good health and boundless wealth during this holiday season and always.

Love & Hugs

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Quite a few years ago when Jim and I were first married we went to a taping of The Tonight Show. I ADORED Johnny Carson. NO ONE better than him! Shelly Winters was the guest that night. But I was really there to see Johnny!

Jamie, from your blog pics it sure looks like you are enjoying the Christmas season! Continue to enjoy...

Merry Christmas!