Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm dreaming of a WHITE Christmas PARTY!!!!!!

Our Christmas Party had a "WHITE" theme this year, white as in Snow, only we were dreaming of snow!!!!
The presents are all wrapped in snow or snowman paper!!!!
The food, almost all white!!!! Snowflake cookies, Snowmen caramel white chocolate apples and White cupcakes!!!!Pineapple juice/ sherbet punch, died green with a white foam on top, suppose to look like snow!!!!!
My cheeseball Snowman appetizer!!!!!He was a big hit and melted(eaten actually) pretty quick!!!!The rest of the food was catered!!! Pasta alfredo, salad with lots of Cauliflower on top and breadsticks!!!!
Will and C.J. chatting away, I think really they were checking out the football game!!!!
Corie and Jesse look so cute in their white tops!!!!
Actually almost everyone showed up in their white (SNOW) tops!!!!!
Well a few didn't wear white, they have since been tranferred to another store and said they forgot!!!!
Camdyn checking out the fire!!! I think really she was mad that someone touched MIMI's Mickey knome!!!! The guys thought he might be cold and brought him over by the fire!!!!
Andrew did it!!!!!
Playing MUSICAL KNEE!!! A must game at our house!!!! The idea is the guys knees are the chairs and the girls have to get a knee to stay in the game!!!!!The boys are given a number to remove a knee each round!!!!

Keep going!!!!
These were the ones left for the final round!!!! And Deanna won, she is the one who's face you see!!!!So Deanna won a prize and so did BILL!!!!!
Mimi and Camdyn watching the guys open their gifts and watching them get their gifts stolen away!!!!
Scott opening his, it looks like shot glasses and a gift card to Wine and more!!!!
Hmmmm.. these Spy sunglasses look really nice!!!I hope they don't get stolen!!!! Oh boy did they!!! Stolen to the max and after 3 steals Andrew took them home!!!!!
Oh!!!! a Coleman camping stove!!!!!His girlfriend was so excited over this one, she wanted pancakes made for her on a open fire!!!!!He got to keep this one, poor guy he had 3 other gifts stolen from him!!!!!!
Hmmmm... I want that tool kit!!!!! OH NO!!!!!
A watch!!!!! Stolen from him also!!!!
Tony had a motorcycle accident about a week ago and had surgery just the day before our party, so one of the guys gives him a helping hand opening his gift!!!!!How nice!!!
The guys presented Chuck with a very nice gift card to Ocotillo Golf Course, so he will be taking 3 of them with him!!!!!All in all it was a very fun party!!!! 2 things got broken and I had some small stains on the carpet, but nothing I can't live with out and good thing I have a carpet cleaner!!!!


The Shero's said...

I LOVE the white theme. It sounds and looks like you all had so much fun this past weekend. I hope you have a very blessed Christmas.

Corie said...

Once again a great THEME and party! You always know how to throw a fun party, thanks for including us!

Buttercup said...

Great theme and what a fun party. I may have to borrow the idea. Do you mind? I will tell everyone it's the idea of my brilliant and fabulous friend Jamie. I'm especially taken with the snowman cheese ball.