Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas a CLAUS for Celebration!!!!!

We started our fun night out looking at some of the beautifully decorated houses near us!!!!
Remember this one at Halloween????? This is their side yard!!! It is even more spectacular at Christmas time!!!!
Their garage!!!
The front yard!!!!
Another great one!!!Their was 3 cars behind us on this one, so I could not get out to get good pics!!! But it was awesome!!!
Back home making some yummy snacks!!!!!
Camdyn wanted to play Santa and pass out the gifts!!!
The gift she is handing to C.J. is actually hers!!!!She can't read, but she sure is generous!!!!
One for Jesse!!!!
Oh, look what Jesse's parents sent me!!! They also got her the Little People's Nativity set!!!!!YEAH!!!!
C.J. and Jesse are headed to Michigan for Christmas, Jesse is from there and they are going to spend it with her family!!!!!So we are doing Christmas #2!!!!!
Boys and their toys!!!!
New boots to wear in all that snow!!!! They also have a wedding to go to in Colorado Springs in January so she will need those!!!! C.J.'s good friend graduated from the Air Force Academy and he met his fiance there, so their wedding will be in the chapel at the Academy!!!!
It is a tradition to play Christmas Present scavenger hunt, C.J. was probably hoping I forgot that one!!! Nope!!! Clue 1, had him go to my brightest Snowman!!!!
After 3 clues, the Card with cash in it was attached to the Choo-choo!!!!
YEAH for that!!!!!
Camdyn thought this was all so fun!!!!
Her cute family!!!!!
Dad, Mom and son!!!! We are going to miss he and Jesse so much, but we have to share!!!!!
C.j. and Jesse!!!! Have fun in that winter wonderland!!!! LOVE YA!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful family & beautiful photos!!
Merry Merry!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family Mimi. The bigger the family the more sharing to do. I have a hard time with some of the grands have SO now. It is hard to get a time in. We can never sit down for dinner at the same time. Everyone just does what has to be done. All the blessings of Christmas to you and family.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Jamie,
First of all...the two family photos at the top are SO wonderful!!What a great idea to get them while Stacie was here.
Oh my, why do the kiddos have to grow up??? I'm sure you will miss CJ and Jesse on Christmas day, just like we'll be missing our little family who are in London this year. :( I just keep reminding myself that I certainly didn't want to stay little and stay with my folks forever so why should ours? Sigh!!
Your Company party looked like a HUGE success. What fun you all had!
And what a thrill to have seen Johnny Carson in person. I taped his very last show. What an Icon he was!!
Merry Christmas Jamie,
Mary Lou

Corie said...

Such a fun night together as always! Great gifts all around! I think everyone got great gifts! Too bad they will miss out on Christmas day fun!

Buttercup said...

Dear Jamie, Love the pictures and thanks for inviting us to your wonderful celebration. Camdyn gets cuter by the minute and she is such a sweet girl. Blessings and hugs across the miles!

Jule's Spot said...

How fun! You have had a busy fun weekend also!!!!
Love you!

Fifi Flowers said...

Looks like a FAB time!!!
Merry Christmas... ENJOY!

Grams said...

Jamie, It must have taken some organizing to have three Christmases! Out of our three children only one will be out of state and we will have one in our house and one across the street. We will ALL be spending next week in a cottage in Ohio. WOW, I remember Chriistmas being show up at Gramma & Grandpa's(my parent's )on Christmas eve or not and we usually did. I miss my parents, now we carry the grandparent torch.It's not as easy as it looked but it sure is fun! HUGS, Kathy

Rettabug said...

Oh Jamie, what a wonderfully heartwarming post! That Camden is a real doll & the joy on her face is just priceless!! I know how lucky you feel to be able to spend some of the holiday with her.

My DGD, Caroline, will be here tomorrow evening along with her Mom, Dad & 2 brothers to join my DH & his son & wife, who arrive from Australia tonight. This is going to be such a wonderful early Christmas celebration for us. We share the time with the inlaws too.

Hubby is doing a little better each day. Thanks for asking. He still has some chest pain but if he rests it subsides. I am just so very grateful he survived to spend at least one more Christmas with us. Every new dawn is a much appreciated blessing now.

Merry Christmas, Hon!!