Friday, February 12, 2010

Delivering LOVE!!!!

First stop, our son's girlfriend's office!!! Jesse works for a home security company as an accountant!!!Orange Crush soda(after all I have a crush on everyone), pink cupcakes, conversation hearts and red heart balloons and a gift of philosophy bath 3 in 1 and a cute soap dish and a Valentine soap bar!!!She was so surprised!!!
Next stop Hubby's work!!!! The note read a little differently here!!!!
The guys were so excited to get cupcakes and soda!!!!
Last stop our son's office, he works for a local Law firm, but I have to be a Proud Momma for a minute!!! He had an interview with the US Navy for a Position as a Naval JAG!!!! I know he would LOVE to do this, so for his sake, I am Praying for God's direction!!! I told him, OH I would move anywhere, I love coastal towns!! HA-HA
He is such a Great son, and I LOVE him so much!!!!
His big sis and his little darling niece!!! He could leave all of this????
Camdyn has been getting more teeth, which means a runny nose now for a week or so, so Mommy wanted to be sure all is well, Yep it is ok, she has not been sick once since she was born!!!!
Mimi reading her a book while waiting for the Dr.
Oh YEAH!!! Lunch at one of my favorite places!!!! Some where usually reserved for vacation!!!! Crackel Barrel!! A friendly doggy outside, so we had to stop for a visit!! By the way, just an FYI, I would love a few of these rockers for my patio one day!!!!
"Oh I would love to have a dog of my own one day"
But maybe I'll settle for a child size rocker to rock with Mimi!!!
You know we were in Candy heaven in here!!!!! Look at that basket!!!!
I'm 30 and I love Razzles!!!!!30 going on 13!!!!!
Off to Pier one for more pillows!!! I LOVE this store!!!
Best place in the world to land after a busy day, sleeping on Granddude's lap!!! We were watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics!! And to think in 1 week I will be there!!!!
It feels like a dream!!!!!!
My condolences go out to the Country of Georgia, sadly the death of a luge Olympian today on opening day made for a very sad start.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Jamie sweetie...
This is just the cutest darn post. I love it. What a sweet little Cupid you girls were today. You all look precious. Oh I love Cracker Barrel too. They have great food, but love the candy.

I cannot believe you are going in one week, and are actually going to get to see something live, and maybe meet and greet a few celebs. You are so lucky sweetie. Chance of a lifetime.

I was so saddened when I saw the horrible accident with the Country of Georgia's luge racer. OMG it was horrible. Tony and I watched it on the internet. I don't think the built their sides high enough. It looked awfully low to me.

Love the pictures of Ms "C". She is just the cutest little thing I have seen. Her little facial expressions. Oh yes, she is a cutie.

Have a beautiful Saturday. Happy Valentine's Day sweetie. Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

zandra said...

Have a GREAT time in Canada and a safe trip.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Hugz, Z

Buttercup said...

You deliver love every day! How sweet. Please stop by today. I am featuring a very dear and terrific person. Lots of hugs!

Marydon Ford said...

G'day Janie ~ What a darling pic of Miss C & Granddude!

That was a darling idea about visiting all these offices & bringing them such joy! How sweet of you.

Enjoy your trip, be safe ...

Happy Valentine's
Have a loving weekend.
Hugs, Marydon

Cottage Rose said...

OH how sweet all those photos are... and the Valentine baskets are so great,,, love the crush soda so very cleaver.... the last photo is so darn cute,, love it.... It was a touching ceremony last night,, so bitter sweet... I loved the show they put on... so exciting that you are going to see it live and in person in one week..... can't wait to see all the photos you will take.....

Happy Valentine's Day

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Jamie...
You all will probably have to do this get together without me in April. I will be in Maryland that week staying with Blushing Rose. She is hosting a tea for me there with bloggers in that area. It is my birthday gift from her. I will probably be leaving on that Friday early. It is a long flight.

I am so sorry. I was hoping maybe in March, but you all can host it anyway and I will get in on the next one. Just let me know sweetie.

I am counting days for you and the Olympics. How very special.

Talk to you soon. Much love sweetie...Sherry