Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 2-Vancouver, British Columbia 2010 Winter Olympics!!!!

The Olympic Flame!!!! It is one of the Most Awesome of all Olympic Flames!!!!

On the Sky Train, heading to downtown!!! When we were here in Vancouver 4 years ago, Vancouver was busy building alot of this infrastructure, and this sky train was part of that!!!
Here we are at the Flame, they had this area secured off by a fence, I really do not understand this part, as normally you can walk right up to the flame, must have been a security issue.

See the girl sitting on the platform, she is known as part of the BLUE SHIRTS, they were Everywhere!!!!! And so very helpful, they could direct you anywhere you needed to go and literally there were thousands of them everywhere!!!
It was like this all over town, like walking in New York City. You could feel the excitement in the air where ever you walked and everyone was so polite and kind.
Here is my sister and I outside of Canada Place, this is Vancouver's Iconic building on Burrard Inlet, it is here where many board or disembark on a cruise or come for a convention.
Here is Holy Rosary Cathedral in downtown Vancouver.
Walking into the old Gastown district!!!
The famous Steam clock in the Gastown district!!!

On the hour, it plays a song for you!!!
In a local jewelry store was a bobsled and a torch from the torch relay. It was so cool to get to hold it, it was kind of heavy so I can't imagine running 1/4 mile holding that, of course given that honor, you would be running full of adrenaline!!!
My sister Carolyn and her husband David!!!
I saw this beautiful tree in Vancouver and had to get a pic of those beautiful pink flowers!!!
We rode the Sea bus over to North Vancouver in search of those famous red mittens, we found No red mittens over here, but did come across this really cute Italian restaurant.
I loved all the chandeliers and the food was so good.
Canada Place in the background, recognize those famous white sails????
From North Vancouver's side!!!
Those famous Olympic Rings out in the Water, when Canada would win gold it lit up Gold, other times it was just red or the colors of the original 5 colors of the rings!!!


Liz said...

Oh what a fun trip! I would have loved this. There is so much history there.

Saturday would work great for me and the Teeter House would be sooo much fun! I agree!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie, first off the wood cutouts are I think 4.99 each for the 12 inch size...The shipping was less than 7.00 for three of the 12 inch size I need to re type that..I just wanted to tell people that I thought the shipping was reasonable. Sorry if I confused you....Your trip to the olympics looked like fun, just to be there must have been amazing. I would have loved to see the figure skating up close. I love your posts! Have a super week! hugs, Jennifer

Jule's Spot said...

I love the much fun! I just wish I had red mittens!
Love ya

Deanna said...

I look forward to seeing your blog pics of the time you got to have fun in Vancouver!
What a great time you must have had.
I watched the news clip of you and the red gloves.
Enjoyed hearing your voice!!!
You know when you don't actually hear someone's voice and then you get to, that it may not sound exactly like you might have have no accent!!! Of course you knew this already. (grins)
Sorry about the head cold...may it quickly go away.
They are aweful.
SSSSOOOOOOO ready for Spring.
God bless,

Corie said...

SO awesome! That would have been so exciting! I will have to get to an olympic event some day!

Stella said...

Thanks for taking me on vacation with you. I had a really good time and ejoyed all the sights. Great photos.

You asked where our lake house is. It is in southern Missouri on Pomme de Terre Lake.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I had heard that they put a fence up around the flame for security reasons. That's too bad they had to do that. Although I guess it was nice that they at least had some cut-outs so that you could get some good pictures of it.

Looks like such a wonderful time. I would love to do something like that with my sister.

Chatty Crone said...

SInce I have never been to, well wait I have actually have, the Olympics in Atlanta years ago, but anyway getting back to your trip - how interesting it was - thanks for sharing your adventure and pictures. It looked like you had a great time. Welcome home.

Oliva said...

Oh...!!! What a fantastic trip! Love your pictures! me about the letters for your granddaughter. I would be very happy to make them for you!!!

Gigi (aka) Chris said...

Hope you are sitting down when you are reading this...LOL!! Wanted say I am happy that you were able to go and go with your sister...the best!!! Looks like you had an AMAZING time!! Hope you are feeling better :0)