Sunday, March 14, 2010

Not 1 Cool Peep but 3 cool Peeps!!!!

I started this Easter tradition last year, getting 3 little baby chicks!!! last year I called them A-B-C which soon became Alex-Brady and Cooper so this year they are D-E-F or Duncan(the Brown one) Evan(the yellow and brown one) and Frank the all yellow one, my son's girlfriend Jesse and my son C.J. came along with me to pick them up and out, so I let Jesse help me name them!!! She chose which one got what name!!!!
Camdyn was so excited and calls them babies!!!She loves to hold and pet them and she really is quite gentle with them!!!
Mimi and her little princess and her little baby chicks!!!!
She always wants to pick them up!!!!
Having so much fun!!!
She loves to twirl!!!
Taking the babies for a little walk!!
"I think they want out Mimi"
time to twirl again!!!
Twirling with Mommy!!!!
Our neighbors Kyle and Michelle with their son Collin and their daughter Ava.
It is going to be so fun when these cute little girls are running around playing Princess make believe!!!
Krystal and her Mom Judy and the 2 cute kiddos!!!
Our good friends Cody and Krystal with their adorable son Trey and their little cutie pie Princess daughter Kajun.
My next door neighbors David and Jeaninne with their 2 cuties, Cameron and Delaney.Look at Cameron he is really watching Frank run off!!!

The 3 daughters of Cody and Krystal's friends here in AZ visiting from Utah, they asked if they could stop by also and of course I said yes!!!!These 3 darling blond haired blue eyed cuties have a very beautiful dark haired Mommy from Spain!!!
What a Spectacular fun day it was, and the weather could not have been more perfect!!!
Spring is right around the corner!!!


Anonymous said...

Don't blame her for wanting to snuggle the baby chicks. I would too!!
Have a Wonderful Week!

Kissed by an Angel said...

I can't choose which are cuter - the chicks or the kiddies!!! Lets face it - they are all gorgeous!!

Deanna said...

Oh Jamie, These are sweet pics and the children are darling. Your lil one is growing and she looks sweet in yellow twirling. Such a blessing. Your daughter is so very pretty!!!

Your chicks names made me chuckle.

There's a store near by that sales chicks and I like to stop by just to see them. Also have bunnies!

Last year I had to talk myself out of bringing a bunny home. The temptation just about got me.

Your lawn is pretty as a picture!

Excited about spring coming,

Chatty Crone said...

Oh Jamie, those pictues of little girls - I have the greatest grandson ever - I want my son to have a girl in November! (Healthy first of course).

Jule's Spot said...

I want to take Cutler's pics with D,E, & F.....!
So cute, I remember seeing last years!
Love you

Anonymous said...

Now is this post adorable or what!! can your posts get any cuter???? the chicks are adorable and the kids are too cute for words...what a nice idea for easter! have a sweet week friend! hugs,Jennifer

Corie said...

I am SO thankful for our great friends and neighbors! I really feel blessed that we have all these ladies and their families to spend time with! Thanks again for taking care of the chicks...we LOVE them!:)

Chrissy said...

So cute and so much fun! I LOVED reading about your Olympic trip and Disney trip! We have been so busy moving that my days of blogging are falling behind! We would LOVE to set up a playdate with everyone!! Let's us know when and where!