Monday, January 31, 2011

Congrats To Haley for Making the Sidewinders Cheerleading team!!!

 Haley is the daughter of good friends of ours. Saturday, my friend Donna and I decided to head over to Casino Arizona to cheer Haley on in her Arena Football cheerleading audition!!
 YEAH, she did it!!!Congrats Haley!!Right in the middle #16
 Proud Mom, Dad, Brother and Grandmother, Grandma her self is still an active Pom Pom girl in Sun City, Az, good for her!!!
 My friends Donna and Sherry and I
 a Bathing suit round was also part of the competition. As was 2 dances

A very Happy MOM!!
It was good to get out and have some fun with my friends. Donna lost her brother about 2 weeks ago to Liver Cancer(started out from Melanoma--stay out of the Sun people) and she is in charge of all his paperwork and guardianship of his young daughter, so she needed a day out. That is what friends are for to lift us up when we need a day of not thinking about everyday details. ANd she is there for me any time I need her.


Mimi said...

AND MISS DONNA and I played 20.00 in the 2 cent slots and I won nothing --she walked away with 160.00!!!Yeah for her!!
Derek the brother also won 100.00 on the wheel of fortune slot!!!

Buttercup said...

Jamie, so sorry about Donna's brother, but what fun for Haley. Glad there are some good times, too. Time spent with those we love is the best! Take good care and hugs for sweet Miss C and baby Liam.

Donetta said...

That love that you showed her it will strengthen her as she tends to the affairs at this difficult time. You are a good friend.
what a waging beauty. Scare me :) I have a 13 year old daughter :)

Jule's Spot said...

Omg....those girls in bikinis remind me of me! hehehehe....I only wish! Not even at 20!
Love ya