Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February is the Month of Love... so here is day 1

 Love puts the beauty in everyday things----a luggage tag from Jesse for my birthday!!!She knows me well and pays attention to the small things!!!It reads KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON, a World War 2 poster that was meant to encourage the troops(modern versions have it all wrong)!!!She also got me a gift certificate to one of my favorite stores!!!Thank you Jesse so much!!!
 CANDY from CJ and some money for an adventure they have heard me say I want to try, more on that later!!!But these Small little gestures of LOVE mean so much to me!!!thank you CJ!!!!
 The comfort in a touch, these cuties hugging after dance class just always makes me smile!!!
 The warmth in a home, our home, I always hope our home is filled with a warm welcome and a hug for all and LOVE being shared from one to another.

 sugar cookie candle burns and smells so good!!!
 The JOY in a Memory, oh Hawaii, so fun and so awesome to make these memories with the LOVE of my life.
Yes, we together forever!!
hugs and love 2 all


Jule's Spot said...

I call February the BIRTHDAY Month! Celebrate all month!

Jennifer said...

Your valentines decor is beautiful I love the place mats...your gifts are so sweet to. You have an amazing family and I don't see that changing ever! your home will always be like 365 days of valentines! the little dancers are adorable! Have a great day Jamie! P.S. I'm still working on getting some valentine stuff put out...I'll do a post soon...

just call me jo said...

I like how you celebrate every day. Happy birthday--late, I guess. Thanks for all the love you show to others (like me.) I value your friendship (though we've never met.) I feel as if I know you and hope to lunch some day for sure.

nancygrayce said...

You know how to celebrate!!! I love your decorations. I just want to know how you keep your bar cleaned off enough to have those beautiful things on it! My bar seems to always have "stuff" cluttered around! :) We also eat at that bar each and every day. I love yours!

Deanna said...

Oh Jamie, All the red and pink warms my soul!!!
Valentines to enjoy and remind us all of being loved and giving love.

Your home has taken on a sweet decor to cheer everyone up and enjoy the month.

How precious to have a new grand baby to love and enjoy!

So glad you had a super happy birthday.

God bless,

Chatty Crone said...

Looks like you had a great birthday - happy birthday. Say mine is in February too. sandie

ain't for city gals said...

Hi I came over for Just call me Jo...must be your birthday or early Valentine present? Looking forward to reading your previous and future posts..

Liz said...

Hi Jamie! :) I love this post. It makes me sniff, sniff. It is so obvious how much you love your family! And they love you too! Happy V-Day!


P.S. The tea is the Sat before Mother's Day. I still haven't looked up the date. I hope you can come. I already have my tablescape planed out! :) I will find out about the next antique show... It's the same as the one that used to be in the old Veteran's Coliseum down at the fair grounds .... there was a booth that had all kinds of old cameras... I got my little Brownie for $5. SWEET!