Thursday, January 27, 2011

If someone Says Jesus doesn't heal, let them talk to me!!

 After this little guy entered the world amidst alot of things that could have gone really bad, he was born with no problems at all.
 Mimi loving on her two precious Gifts from God.
 He is a Little Prince a child of the KING
 So much to Celebrate
 Aunt Jesse getting to know him, she loves him already!!
 Awww, this pic makes me cry, Uncle Cj holding his special little guy
 After Liam decided to pee on his clothes and his blanket, MIMI pulled out a blanket that was MADE by Dude-dude's GREAT grandmother which would be this little guy's GREAT GREAT GREAT Grandmother, she made 3 quilts for Corie when she was born 31 years ago!!!I still have all 3 of them, each of my kids will each get one to keep. Dude-dude teared up a bit holding his grandson.

 And who would have thought this Special Sunday night of family pizza and football would change in a mere 12 hours???
 I picked up Camdyn for Ballet/tap class as Mommy and Daddy had to take Liam for his 1st newborn appointment. GOOD thing it was first thing in the morning as NO one would have EVER guessed something SO serious was wrong with him.

 After arriving at his pediatrician's office for a routine check-up, they took his temperature and it was 94 degrees, when I arrived with Camdyn after class, I was ushered back to where they were and Corie was crying saying something was wrong, then the dr. walked into the room again with a 4th thermometer, again it was 94. He instructed them that he had already called Mercy Gilbert Catholic hospital, and that they would be waiting for us. When Will dropped Corie off at the door, he and I went to park our cars. After walking in they already had Mommy and baby Son in an Exam room. And Not just any exam room, the lead trauma exam room. I waited for someone to pick up Camdyn. When I got back to the exam room, there were nurses and a Doctor BUSY working on him. Chest-X-ray, Catheter inserted, blood test after blood test was tried and finally the only place to get blood was in the top of his head. He also was administered oxygen as his breathing was stopping with out it at times. An IV had been put in and several antibiotics were started.He also underwent an Spinal tap to rule out Spinal Meningitis.  After several hours of trying to get his body temp UP and his breathing stabilized he was rushed by an Ambulance equipped with an RN to Cardon Children Hospital.
 It was a Very Sad sad time to see him go through so much pain at such a young age and being so tiny.
 Mommy had to sign alot of papers to get him released from one hospital and taken to another. The EMT checking out some of his equipment and vitals before transporting him.
 mommy soothing her newborn son and holding the Blow  by tube of oxygen for him.
 Getting him strapped in and the Rn checking on all his IV tubes before rushing him out.

 He was not a very happy baby at this point.
 Mommy trying to soothe him by stroking his face.
 Into the ambulance Mommy and baby go. Mimi and Daddy followed behind.
 This is where he stayed for 48 hours
 Miss C and I coming for a visit the next day, we didn't go  but one time as he needed to heal and rest and there were lots of sick kids in this place.
 This NEW children's hospital is Amazing. Such a cute and pretty place.
 Even a big Miniature train park. We got Mommy out of the room for a break and went to the cafeteria.
 So Sweet, he looks 100% better today then the day before, AND FOR THIS WE ALL SAY
PRAISE GOD, So many People got the word out FAST to PRAY -PRAY-PRAY and Pray they did, the walls of heaven were rocking!!!ANd God touched him in a Mighty way.
We found out later that a body temp of 94 is cool enough to impair some physiological processes in the body and this came out of the mouth of a very Smart young Lady who used to work at Cedars Sinai Hospital and now teaches at Midwestern Medical School. So if YOU think GOD does NOT heal --you are WRONG, because we Witnessed a Miracle!!

 Mimi holding her sweet grandson, I love him so Much!!!
 Mommy cuddling and loving on her child as NO ONE else can.
 Big Sis loves on him, and I know he likes that too. And he Loves His daddy too.
 So happy he is improving so well.
 Pastor Kathy from our church came by to Pray with all of us as did an elder from the church.
And this Pic is from today, AT HOME!!!
ALL tests --and I mean ALL tests came back negative.
The answer for the Body temp drop???Well the only answer that we got was a Newborn baby is born with a layer of BROWN FAT, being that Liam was born 2 weeks early(due to Mommy's blood clot) he did not have enough of this fat. This fat serves them after they are born to keep their bodies regulated, and they normally have enough until they are 1-2 weeks old and can do this on their own. Some babies are born more then 4 weeks early and Never have this problem so we do NOT understand why it happened, But we do believe this, GOD has had his Hand on this little guy for a While Now. Jeremiah 1:5 says "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the Nations."


Anonymous said...

This post absolutely brought me to tears. Praise God!!!! Jamie...everyone here in Indiana has been praying!!! Dreams come true, MIRACLES happen, prayers answered!!! Love to all!

Liz said...

Jamie! How Terrifying!

What an emotional roller-coaster. Thank the Lord that they had the appointment when they did!


P.S. Congratulations on your new GB!!

Jule's Spot said...

Such a relief that Liam is home and doing well! We have all prayed for Liam and all of you! God is good!!!!
Love you all so much!!!!

Corie said...

I am ever so thankful to everyone who prayed for him and especially to GOD! It is so hard watching your child go through something like this. But, I do believe that we had some of the BEST doctors and nurses I have ever encountered and the power of prayer is amazing! I am so thankful to be home with my little family!:) Thanks for all your help this week mom, couldn't have gone through this without you and the family!

Chatty Crone said...

I am so happy and relieved - he is here and he is okay and safe. Praise God and thank you. sandie

The Martin Family said...

The Lord does answer prayer's, we were praying all the way in Dubai... Thank you Jesus for your goodness,

~Kristen~ said...

Jamie! I am so glad to hear that God had his hand on little Liam and the rest of the family through this. My prayers will be with you as I am sure you'll all be watching him a little more closely for a little bit just cause of the scare.


Anonymous said...

Wow. So thankful that he is safe. What a scary thing to go through. Answered prayers for sure....

Deanna said...

Jamie, He is absolutely darling!
May each day bring more joy and much happiness.

Enjoyed the pictures you shared!
Miss C and the dancing cuties are adorable.

God bless you all and will continue to pray,

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OMG Jamie,
I have tears in my eyes! You must have been terrified. I am so, so happy that he is ok and doing fine now.
He is just the most beautiful little boy!
Thinking and praying for you and that precious little boy.
Big Hugs,

Buttercup said...

Dear Jamie, adding my thanks and continued prayers for baby Liam and all of you! Lots of hugs across the miles.

Julie said...

I still get tears reading about his rollercoaster of a life so far. God is definitely watching over little Liam. I cannot imagine how Corie was holding up through the whole thing. She is so lucky to have so much support surrounding her. How ironic that I just taught my students about hypothermia this week :) But for a completely different purpose (cardiopulmonary bypass). A temp that cold is not normal, I'm just surprised it didn't show up right after birth in the hospital. God works in mysterious ways, but I'm definitely a believer in the power of prayer after hearing about Liam's journey.

Stella said...

I am so thrilled that all is well. Pray does make a difference.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Oh my gosh Jamie, another post that made me cry. What a scary thing you all had to go through. I'm so glad everything has turned out okay, and little Liam is doing well.