Monday, February 7, 2011

I met the Budweiser Clydesdales UP Close and Personal!!

The Budweiser Clydesdales were being boarded at a farm near our house last week and I was at a Birthday Party for my Cousins kiddos and had the awesome opportunity to get real close and personal with them!!!
What  a opportunity it was!!!!!!

 Most of my relatives visiting with the 10 horses!!They were in our state doing an event in Tucson.
 My Aunt and Uncle
 Isn't he beautiful!!!
 Oh they just made my heart happy!!!And after the Sat. I had this pic is even more meaningful!!!!
 I loved every minute of it!!
 And this is Brady the Dalmatian!!!
 They are an amazing Animal to stand near by too.
 This is Jim one of the Team leaders. Those horses sure love him!!!
 This is Tina she is married to my cousin Aaron.
And this is Aaron, he is now called the Horse whisperer!These horses loved his calm demeanor.

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just call me jo said...

I think animals are so intuitive. They seem to sense when people are good and gravitate to them. Quite a compliment, for sure, for Aaron.

Aren't the Clysdales just magnificent! I've seen some of them, but never in quite such a special way as you did. You just do such fun things! And I, vicariously, appreciate it through you.Thanks.