Monday, February 7, 2011

Win one for the DIPPERS!!

And for my love of RONALD REAGAN( it was after all his 100th Birthday)  and the Notre Dame fighting Irish, I say WIN ONE for the GIPPER!! ONLY I made alot of dips for all the dippers!!
Homemade guacamole, Spinach dip (for my hubby on his Atkin's diet) Velveeta Cheese dip and Salsa!!!
We also had tacos!!!Had to have alot of Cheese dips for my Cheesehead friends!! We were cheering for the Packers!!Only green and Yellow dishes were used at my house!!!
 Corie having some!!
 CJ--wrong shirt my darling son!!!Your beloved cowboys were not there again this year!!!He was cheering for the Packers though!!
 My Son-in-law's sister Casey drove out to spend the day with us!!
 Poor Jesse is sick again, poor thing twice in 6 weeks.She looks so pretty sick, I wish I looked this good when I was sick.
 Miss C eating her cupcake, I did not have time to make all the food and cupcakes --So I cheated and bought these!!!They were the best store bought cupcakes I have ever had, everyone loved them. Miss C only ate a few bites of the --you guessed it the frosting!!!
 Half time show.....I have heard some people thought it was bad, I liked it!!!

 All of these pics, Miss C took, she insisted on taking pics!!not to bad!!!

 Mommy's new necklace from her sweet friend Leslie!!!She loves it!!
 I took this one!!!LOL
So cute!!!He loved his first Superbowl game!!!!
Congrats to the GREEN  BAY PACKERS!!


Jule's Spot said...

Liam is just perfect! It will be fun to watch him grow along with watching Hunter! I hadn't seen Hunter in 2 days and I could tell a huge difference! He is so alert!
Love you all!

Leslie Potter said...

Yea - I am so glad she loves the necklace - looks like it turned out : ) Also looks like you had one heck of a superbowl party! Miss you all!


Grams said...

Jamie, Digital cameras are so much easier to share with little ones than the old 35mm. We got our oldest granddaughter the Fisher Price digital camera when she was two and now my daughter wants one for our Big Boy's third birthday. They still like ours better though. Kathy

Krystal said...

Looks like a lot of fun! YOu always have a good party! Looks like Miss C is taking after her "Mimi" in taking pictures. That is so cute! So glad the Packers won! It was a good game.