Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love fills the Smallest Moments with worlds of HAPPINESS!!!!

 Dude-dude picked up MISS C for our dinner date and movie night. I was out running some errands and met them there!!!This is her reaction when she saw me walk by!!!The smallest moments make me SMILE the biggest!!!Ear to ear :>)   :)>  :>)  and I am still smiling!!!
 putting a nickel in the jukebox baby!!!
 loving her smiley face ketchup!!
 We saw Tangled again, this movie has not come out yet, but she wanted to get her pic taken here!!!It looks like it is going to be a cute movie!!
Playing on the dance dance revolution video game!!We had a GRAND time with our little darling!!
love is in our hearts tonight!!!


Jennifer said...

Awwwwwe, I just love this post. it made me smile to. :o)

Chrissy said...

So sweet! Morgan and my dad just had a play-date while Shawn and I were in dad took her to the Childrens Museum and had a blast! There is something about watching a grandparent with their grand-babies! So glad you had a wonderful time with Camdyn!!

just call me jo said...

You guys are just too cute. Miss C is a lucky girl (and so are Dude-dude and Mimi)

Deanna said...

Grand daughters warm the heart!!! s do the grandsons.

Pray you are all doing really well.
need some sunshine,

Jackie said...

I love that you have a date night with Ms. C! I wish our parents lived close so they could do the same with their grandkids!!!

I'm so excited you and Ms. C will be coming to the birthday party this weekend! Can't wait to see you both!

Love you!

Corie said...

She was so excited for her night out with you guys! She insisted on a "fretty" (pretty) dress! She wanted to wear the pink one from our photo shoot, but I had to explain over and over that it was dirty and that mommy had not washed it yet. She LOVES the dresses you can twirl in. I admit it is really nice to have such a sweet girly girl for a daughter! She LOVED the movie will defintely be added to our big disney movie collection when it comes out!!

Stacie Gibbs said...

She is so stinken cute! And I think she looks more and more like Corie as she gets older, especially in the first picture!!!