Monday, February 28, 2011

Take me out to the BALL GAME....

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks!!!
 I do not know if she had any idea what a BASEBALL GAME was, but this little girl was SO excited over the idea of going there!!!As soon as we pulled into the parking Lot, she yelled, "We're at the Baseball game", like she KNEW where she was and that it was something fun!!
 She was so excited over it all, and Honestly I have no idea why, except to say this little girl is HIGH on life and no matter what it is, she is happy to be there!!hmmmmm....she must be related to  me!!
 Posing with Grand-dude!!We were at the California Angels spring training field in Tempe today!!I asked Miss C if she was cheering for the RED team or the Green Team(the Oakland Atheletic's) she said the Green team, I told her that we were guests at the RED team, she insisted on cheering for the Green team!!!

 It was such a nice day to be at the Ball Park!!Bring on Spring!!
 Baby Liam's first Baseball game!!
 Time for lunch, and NOTHING tastes better then a Hot dog at a baseball game!!
 Will runs into friends everywhere we go!!This is his Little bro in his fraternity and the AMAZING thing is I went to HIGH SCHOOL with his MOM!!What a Small world!!!Luke works for ESPN and covers events all over the world, including the World Cup Soccer this past summer!!
 And he bumps into another friend too!!Corie saw one of her friends there too, but I did not get a pic of her. I was off Walking with Miss C looking for the letter B, Miss C is obsessed with her letters and loves to play games in search of letters!!
 RICKY HENDERSON!!He is a Base stealing coach for the Oakland A's!!Ricky was our son's fav player back in the day!!
So Miss C and I  went walking all the way down to get a close up pic of his back!!
We had GREAT seats right behind home plate, had to be safe with 2 kiddos in tow!!
remember this, everyone is a KID at the ballpark!!We loved taking our kids to spring training games and I am so excited to be taking the Grands to ball games too!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What a great day! LOVE the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Deanna said...

Hot dogs for sure!!!!!
Glad you had fun at the game in nice weather.


Jennifer said...

Hi Jamie! Miss C even likes baseball! I like the picture with the peanuts and cracker jack she is so adorable...I used to go to the cubs games with an old boyfriend when I lived in chicago. (many years ago)...didn't think I would like it but I did!'s something about BEING there that gets you so excited!...have a nice week! hugs, Jennifer

Corie said...

It was such a fun day! And yes, I think we run into people we know almost everytime we go out. I am thankful for the circle of friends that we have!:) Camdyn LOVED the game and when we got home played catch with Will all night. She is not only a dancing girly girl, but a sporty one too! And Mr. Liam had know idea he was at his very 1st spring training (but definitely not his last) game, but I will make sure to scrapbook and document the day!!!:) Thanks for going with us, it was fun and our seats were amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That looked like fun! Looks like beautiful weather...I'm jealous!!!! :) Love you guys!

Grams said...

Jamie, Soooo jealous. My dad used to love going to Spring Training and our sons went to Florida with him the last year he was alive to see the Indians. He and my brothers were looking forward to going to Arizona. We DO have season tickets to our Minor League team though. FUN! Kathy