Saturday, March 19, 2011

90210---Beverly Hills Baby!!

 This section of Rodeo drive is the newest shopping addition, I forget how many millions or maybe billions it cost to add this one little street up above Rodeo Drive.
 Shopping on Rodeo Drive!!We shopped at one of our favorite stores for a cute little Princess who happens to have a birthday very soon!!

 Having some fun....she definitely BEATS to her own little drum!!!!
 Had to HIT CRUMBS!!I think this is cupcake #3????

 The famous Beverly Wilshire Hotel.....very nice and MADE famous by the movie Pretty Woman!!!
 A cute window display
 A trolley tour of Beverly Hills!!since we had 2 littles with us, we opted for the quick 45 minute trolley tour.I have taken the 2 1/2 hour tour that goes to ALL the homes!!
 I took a few pics of  homes that show what a wide range of Architectural differences there are. From some very Grand Homes to a few modest ones!!
 A cute Spanish looking home
 A red brick Tudor style
 I posted this as I got the best shot of any of the other famous former occupants. Since it was on my side of the trolley. This was the Home of Marion Davies, she was the Mistress of William Randolph Hearst.
 A Southern Plantation or American federal.
 A wonderful Spanish  yet Americanized Motif

 OK....this is called the Witch's HOUSE!!AND YES it is  in Beverly Hills!!You may google it by that name!!
The story is quite interesting!!
Miss Camdyn posing by the RODEO drive sign!!!

If you go to Southern California looking for a famous celebrity or a Mega Mansion, it is in Beverly Hills Not Hollywood. Hollywood is more of a  state of mind then a place. But Beverly Hills is the Real Deal. Here in this rather small city, about 6 square miles to be exact,  no one is ever really born or  laid to rest here, there are no hospitals or cemetery's. But you will find glamor and opulence around every corner. And no where more spectacular then RODEO DRIVE. It is fun to just walk down Rodeo Drive and see all the familiar stores and designer boutiques. You can afford to do some shopping just a few blocks from Rodeo drive though. Most of the Restaurants in Beverly Hills require a reservation. I doubt you could walk into any of them and get right in.
It was so fun to browse around and take a peek at some of the magnificent homes!!


Corie said...

Oh man. LOVE Beverly Hills too. We had some real fun that week! LOVE our outings that we plan. Super fun. LOVE Camdyn in her fun pink dress on the stairs, so cute. Daddy thinks its dangerous us shopping on Rodeo drive. He doesn't want Camdyn getting any ideas. LOL:)

kim23 said...

shopping on Rodeo Drive? what a great opportunity! Beverly Hills is absolutely it!!! nice picture of these wonderful homes! My favorite is The Witch's House. The house is private and its owner is a real estate agent named Michael J. Libow. I really enjoyed your trip!!!