Saturday, March 19, 2011

Duke's in Malibu and Paradise Cove!!

 This is my friend "Gidget", remember the movie???She is a Real person!!Her Dad wrote a book about her and it was made into a very famous movie!!One of My All time favorites!!
 Kathy is just a real sweetheart, I met her when my daughter and I brought Miss C over to do a photo shoot for a baby footwear line, We got to spend 3 days in Calabasas and the photo shoot was done over a 2 day period at a Malibu mansion. So I would go to Duke's and wait and have some tea and enjoy the VIEW!!There I met her and we became friends and she may come over and speak at a fund raiser event for me.
 She spent some time hanging out with the family!!I can't wait for my hubby to meet her when we go back next month!!

 Camdyn checking out  some surfers and the SEAL....since the tsunami had just happened there were some beaches in Calif. closed, this one was not, but the waves were higher then normal.

 Mimi and her beach babies!!
 What a cute family!!

 Paradise Cove is the locale where all those Other famous beach movies were all made!!Beach Blanket Bingo, Muscle Beach, How to stuff a  wild Bikini, Oh those were just all my favs growing up. I had the BIGGEST crush on Frankie Avalon growing up!!!

 Toes in the sand....
 out to the water!!
 running from the waves!!

And finally a walk on the Pier!!
What a GREAT beach day and it was fun to have Will off from his NEW JOB training to spend the day with us!!


Corie said...

LOVE Malibu. WHEN I win the lottery, we are packing up and moving there.:) I LOVE everything about it there. And I already ordered my canvas beach pic from there, thanks for capturing yet another great family pic. LOVE YA!

Deanna said...

I loved Gidget and think it's neat that you know her.

Jamie, you have such a sweet family and to capture their smiles means so much.

May you have a great Spring!!!
My first Spring day here in Kansas was so pleasant and I am smiling!
love ya,

cilla said...

Such a sweet post my friend,
it was so nice hearing from you,your sweet grandson is so precious as well as your grandaughter,she has the sweetest smile .have a great weekend
Take care,Cilla