Saturday, March 19, 2011

Santa Monica Pier!!

 First stop La Grande Orange for breakfast, there is one of these in our state, but it is just a far drive for us, so we decided to go to this locale since we were so close by!!We had heard it was organic and very good, and it sure was!!

 Liam's shirt and daddy's tattoo are very similar!!A Koi fish!!
 The original Muscle beach!!and that world famous Pier!!Remember Titanic???Rose wanted to got to the Santa Monica Pier????
 Oh and there were lots of people out at the beach exercising and doing some weight training!!I only took this pic!!
 Doesn't Daddy look Proud????
 Riding that famous Carousel.
 And folks this is where ROUTE 66 ends!!It starts in Chicago!!I do get my kicks on Route 66!!!
And by the way do you pronounce it R-OUT 66 or ROOT 66???Because I say R-OUT 66????Just wondering!!

 This reminds me of the movie BIG!!!
 Another Carousel ride, this time with Mommy!!
 And a walk on the beach!!
It was a fun week, we were happy to be going home, but sad to leave Daddy and daughter's hubby behind. He will be home in a few days and we are going back, so 6 weeks will fly by!!!!


Jennifer said...

Hi Jamie! wow! what another great adventure...I enjoyed your last three posts so much...Miss C at the cupcake counter too cute...How does she choose? and Rodeo drive, your killin me!! I want to go there! of course I love the carousel and the picture of you and the beach babies is just wonderful...Love your adventures! stop by my blog and enter my giveaway! hugs, Jennifer

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

You have had so much fun Jamie!
What a great trip!
I loved seeing the pics. We say root 66 around here. Must be to do with where we live.
Hugs friend,

Corie said...

Mmm LGO was so good. Those english muffins and the maple bacon was to DIE FOR! YUM! And Santa Monica Pier is very interesting...LOVE the carousel area, but that is about it.:)

Deanna said...

Jamie, you look like a sweet Grandma holding this sweetie of a Grandson!

Would love to put my toes in that sand.

Everyone looks so happy and enjoying the day.