Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

 Since Warner Brothers  only allows kids over 8 to go on the tour, Corie and the kiddos stayed at the hotel and Will and I did the tour. I have been on several "studio tours", but after going on this one, I am convinced the rest are just a tourist attraction and this is the REAL DEAL.
 You will see LOTS of these Star trailers everywhere on their lot. Lyle Waggoner who used to be on the Carol Burnett show manufacturers MOST of these trailers. He has become a BILLIONAIRE according to our tour guide!!
 George clooney's Apartment from the tv show E.R.
 The L train track from the tv show E.R. or any other movie or tv show shot needs a Chicago street scene!!
 The hospital ambulance entrance
 Central Perk from Friends!!

 This is the spot Rachel and Monica hid watching John Claude Van Damme.
 The staircase where Ross sat waiting to not get to take Rachel to the prom.
 The New York set, this is the spot where Jack Nicholson had his heart attack in the movie "As good as it gets".
 The Casino in Oceans 13
 ELLEN'S Parking Spot!!
 No mention of 2 1/2 Men!!But I snapped this!!It was a BAD word this day!!
 The house from Growing Pains!!
 This is a busy working tv studio with LOTS and LOTS of studios!!
 there is a Giant building just for props!!
 The Car Garage!!Austin Powers!!!
 Gran Torino
An active set being set up for a commercial.
It was a very fun informative 2 1/2 hour tour, your group is small --only 12 per golf cart. So you really get to ask alot of questions and visit sets you like. We visited the set of Molly and Mike as well as the old  Friends set.
I would recommend a visit!!


ImagiMeri said...

Hey Jamie,

Looks like you had lot's of fun. I've only been on the Universal Tour, so I'll have to try this one next time I'm out there. Great photo's, I was really hoping you could take some pictures at the luncheon on April 9th, but now I have to use my youngest daughter as the photographer. She's pretty good, too though, so I expect we'll have some great piccy's of the event. Keep havin' a good time.

Big Hugs,

Amy Arnaz said...

Good Morning Jamie~
I love the Baby of Mine song that accompanied your post this morning. Never heard that song before. Looks like you had a great time. I've kept up with your travels via FB but it's more fun looking at your blog with full descriptions. Thanks for sharing your adventure. xoxo Amy

Corie said...

How awesome was this?! Will loved it too! I am sure he would have liked it more if he could have visited our favorite show's set. Too bad the main guy is such a loon! And as Camdyn would say when she sees anything that reminds her of the show, "Men, men, men, men....". :)

Corie said...

Oh, fogot to mention what my faves from your tour were. LOVED Friends and all the spots you saw and was in love with Mike Seaver from Growing Pains, so I really would have liked seeing their house too!

Deanna said...

How fun is that!!!!
I think it would be great fun to tour....appreciated seeing the pics of your tour.

Happy days to you,

Jennifer said...

This looked like an awesome tour....I love 2 1/2 men, but I won't watch it if they replace charlie...Ya, I know he has issues but you can't replace him after all this time with someone else and expect it to be the same show. They should just end the show all together. I hope he gets help, it's a shame because he is a really good actor. Loved your post post Jamie! Hugs, Jennifer

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

WOW!! Super fun, Jamie! I'm so glad you took all these pics to share with us. You looked very cute in your outfits. : )

Liz said...

FUN! I would have loved to see Central Perk and Monica's apt!

See you tomorrow! Do you have all the info and everything? It doesn't start until 3pm so you should have plenty of time for your prior commitment.


P.S. I was just over looking at your new webpage.... AWESOME!!!!