Sunday, March 13, 2011

Autographs---from some famous Characters!!!!

What a fun time we had watching her be so Grown up, walking up with her little book, opening it up and standing and watching them sign, today she opened her book and we asked her what it said and she answered"pooh", she knows them all now!!!!she looks at it so much!!!!


Corie said...

She was SO cute and so grown up. Stacie and I talked about when she would be ready to do all of this! I was shocked when that was the first thing she asked to buy as soon as we walked in the park. She loved all of it and I LOVE how into she is! LOVE the Happiest Place on Earth and so does she!:)

Deanna said...

She sure is growing up.
So nice to see Ms. C getting these autographs.
God bless,

Keetha Broyles said...

So cute that she's dressed just like Minnie in that first photo!