Sunday, March 13, 2011

Disneyland....Had to go!!!!

We could NOT pass up a chance to go to disneyland, after all we are in Southern Calif. We were suppose to go while Stacie was home, but decided if the weather was going to be raining, we would just wait and go while we were here now. And it was so fun to be here with the Skinner family!!!!!It was like being in a HOME ALONE movie, running behind 7 excited kids all day!!!!
        You might want to hit escape right about now as there are alot of pics to look at, I can never not post alot when we are in a Disney Park!!

As soon as we entered the Park we noticed several characters and she chose Pluto to see first, sadly after this they had to go take a Break!!!So we hit up the First hat store and got Baby Liam his First set of Mickey Ears!!!And guess what Miss C wanted???We KNEW this day was coming just didn't know when....she wanted an Autograph book!!!She is growing up..........

Miss C and her best friend!!!
Look at Liam hanging on to his ears!!!how cute is this!!!

Holding his very 1st Mickey ears. They were in his stroller with him and he held on tight to them when Corie got him out!

THIS IS THE VERY SPECIAL Horse on the Carousel, this is the one Mary Poppins always rides and Mrs. Disney's fav horse, every time we come we have tried to ride this horse and Never ever have gotten too, this time the park was so empty it was HERS!!!!!
skipping along and already singing, "it's a small world after all"
We always have to get a pic of our FAMOUS Pirates!!!!
On this empty park day, we still waited over an hour to Meet the Newest Princess, Rapunzel and flynn!!!!Maximus the Horse was out back!!!!
All 7 standing still!!!!It was 6 actually 2 of them are tiny babies!!!
Miss Kj's first time on the Big Mickey Wheel, she was a little afraid
All of us!!!!
We finished the night off in Bug's land, the kiddos had this part of the park to themselves!!!!


Corie said...

Disney NEVER gets old for me! So glad we are able to go so much. I would start to go crazy. Haha! Camdyn had so much fun. I think she says her favorite is the rollercoaster and the Mickey wheel (ferris wheel). So happpy we have so many fun memories here! LOVE Liam's 1st ears and the fact that we have a lifetime more of memories to make with him and Camdyn!!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I'm with Corie! Disneyland (or Disneyworld) never gets old for me either! My sister and I are going to go to Southern CA next month and take the twins. They are almost five now and the last time they were there was when they were babies. I think I'm more excited than they are! Love the pics Jamie. Thanks for sharing!