Friday, April 29, 2011


 I held a ROYAL WEDDING Viewing party at 2 A.M. I of course did not go to bed til 6:30 A.M.
Here is Brianna, her sister Joran from Pennsylvania also joined in the fun, Krystal, Judy, Corie and I. 

 I had some Wedding decorations from my daughter's wedding so I decorated the door. I love that WORLD WAR 2 Poster, Keep Calm and Carry on,. So I made up my own version...STAY STRONG AND MARRY ON!!!I hope and Pray that William and Catherine will remain strongly in Love and that they keep there Human touch for all People.
 My Royal Ducks that crossed the Pond!!!
 Some of Miss C's Royal Toys!!!!

 Favors for the girls......"Princess in Training" hand sanitizer!!!!
 And Lip Gloss for Corie, Jesse and I
 My island decorations!!!

 I served Union Jack Yogurt Parfaits, English Muffins and Orange juice and TEA of course!!!
 The girls watching all the lovely Pre-Wedding stuff!!!!
 Miss Breanna whipped up this Fabulous Fascinator the night before!!!!I love it!!!!
 Baby T came over too!!!
 I brought out this fabulous $300.00 Swarovski Crystal  Tiara that my Daughter's Mother-in-Law bought her for her wedding!!!

 That Beautiful Bride and her lovely sister. The Gown was STUNNING!!!So reminiscent of Princess Grace of Monaco, remember she too was a Commoner. I am so excited to be visiting Monaco this summer, maybe I will be there when Prince Albert marries!!!!
 Her train was 10 feet in length, she did not want to upstage her Husband's Mother's lovely 25 foot train.
 They look so happy and So in Love.

 That Awesome Carriage they rode in back to Buckingham Palace.
 Out on the Palace Balcony
 And the KISS!!!!
Later in the day, my daughter decided to try on her wedding dress, She was delighted it still fit!!!And then Miss C insisted she get to try it on!!!
What a Little Princess she is!!!
What a fabulous day and one that We girls will Never forget!!!!
I am so Happy I had a fun group of girls to watch this History making event with!!!


Corie said...

Ooooh! Where to begin?! What an evening to remember! Catherine was absolutely stunning and William so handsome! What a wedding. I am SO glad I was able to watch it with some of my very fave girls!!! And yes, it was very exciting to get my tiara and dress out and remember my wedding day. Camdyn just LOVED everything about the wedding, princess, horses and carriage, and the dresses and hat! She is soooo into all things girlie and I LOVE it!!! This will be a night to we get to look forward to Harry marrying and the future heir to the throne?!:)

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

You gals had way too much fun. What a great idea for all the decorations. Such fun to get together for girl time and the wedding was beautiful. Hugs, Marty

just call me jo said...

My daughter was disappointed that I didn't go to your party. She is all over that kind of stuff. What fun! I did so love the wedding and I really didn't think I would that much. They seem so in love. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they are together forever. You do know how to have fun, my friend.

Char said...

I think they make a royal and very beautiful couple. I hope their love for one another passes the test of time.
It looks like you had a great night of royal watching. As for me, I was in bed and had to watch the reruns, but it was all good. Thank you for your well wishes to my new family addition. We are all so blessed, Char

Buttercup said...

What complete fun! What a great time you all must have had. Got up at 5:30 here -- and did get dressed for work in the midst of viewing. It was tough to pull myself away and go to work yesterday. I knew all of my blog buddies around the world were watching.

Krystal said...

It was an amazing day! I am so glad I got up to watch it live. It really was special. Thank you so much for inviting us over to share with you guys. It was so much fun! Breakfast was very yummy! Well done. Your decor was I knew it would be. You really know how to have a party! What a Royal Wedding it was! Catherine looked Beautiful and her dress...was amazing! So fun to watch. I will never forget it.As for Miss C in her Mommys dress...she is adorable. What a fun picture to show her years from now.

Deanna said...

Fantastic party! You're far braver than I ....i went to bed and slept! The pictures of the big event was wonderful. Such a pretty, pretty dress. Hope they will be very happy together.

On Saturday I went to Kansas City and saw Princess Diana's wedding dress and the exhibit of some of her beautiful dresses! It was a dream come true to see some of her actual dresses that she wore.

God bless and may you have a sweet day,