Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 This Bible scripture has been one of my favorite's for years. I do believe with all my heart that God DOES have a Plan for our lives. I also believe he will watch and guide us all our lives!!!And I am ever grateful for this promise. We as C.J.'s Parents are So extremely Proud of him and this day our hearts were bursting with Pride and Joy, not that he has graduated but that He is A FINE  MAN. A Man that people enjoy being around. His Smile is Contagious and his nervous giggle is so warm and sweet. We love you Son so much!!
 You do hold the Keys to Success!!!And you will do great in this New Profession and you will do it with Dignity And Honor. And I am confident of this.
 The dessert table
 Gumball favors, Cupcakes, Cookies and White chocolate covered Strawberries!!
 The food was catered by Rossati's  Italian Restaurant and the Appetizer's were made by my fabulous neighbor Jeaninne. She made  Bruschetta, Caprese Salad, Meatballs, Garlic Bread, Olive dish and some Pesto Chicken Pasta. She did an Outstanding job!!!
 This is C.j.'s friend Drew and his girlfriend Megan(soon off to Law School in Washington D.C.) Drew is a Supply Chain Manager for U.S. Airways. Drew and C.J. have been good friends since 4th grade. C.J. spent a month in Europe when Drew's family moved to Europe after 8th grade. But these boys(MEN) have remained very good friends.
 So glad Jesse's Parents Greg and Deb flew out for the graduation. We really really love her and her family is so sweet and so special to us.
 Hanging out on the Patio on this Lovely evening!!
 Gosh these 3 men have been very good friends for nearly 30 years!!!They all work for the same company and we are so thrilled to have such Great friends!!!
 This is one of the Attorneys that C.J. now works with!!!
 And his darling daughter Miss P riding in Miss C's new car!!!
 Uncle C.J. holding his darling nephew!!!
 And I think Drew looks so natural holding a  baby!!
 The family!!!
 We had so much fun with our friends!!!We stayed out on the Patio til well past midnight, laughing and telling some old stories of some very fun times!!!We sure miss not getting to see Jamie and Coni(far left side), he is a Vice President with the company and travels alot. He is now in the Legal/Safety Dept. and will be working closely with C.J. now!!!So these 2 other men have both played a vital role in shaping C.j. for this job as well. C.J. at some point worked with Scott , but mostly when he worked at Discount Tire it was with his DAD!!!His greatest ROLE MODEL as he always says!!!
I do NOT know how THESE PICS ended up down here.......blogger has a mind of it's own sometimes!!!
2 Parties about 30  hours apart!!!WOW--WOW--WOW is ALL I can say!!!!It took alot of help and I am so glad I was a part of both of them!!!!


Anonymous said...

Warmest wishes for continued success....

Corie said...

2 fabulous parties in 24 hours. AMAZING that we pulled it off. They turned out even better than I imagined and it was great celebrating Cj's success!!!